(My) Friday Five

(My) Friday Five

Today was the last day of my working week, so I thought it might be fun to kick off the weekend with a post full of randomness.

1. New phone
Last Tuesday I got the new Blackberry Q10. My old Blackberry Torch was damaged in the accident – it fell out of my (zipped) pocket and hadn’t been working the same since. I waited patiently for the new BB to come out and I’m in love. It’s seriously the best phone I’ve ever had or even seen for that matter.

q10 Source

One thing it does that I’m not so keen about is pull all my contacts from all my social media sites and store them in a list. Although there is something kind of cool about scrolling past Erin Stern and Phil Heath when I go to make a phone call!

I am practically glued to my phone because of emails, so I can’t live without a keyboard. The touchscreen is super user-friendly, and I love the new operating system. Blackberry for life!

2. Possible new gym!!
I’ve been on the lookout for a new gym for the last couple of months. My current gym is super close to work, but it’s small and kinda crappy. I rarely see any women there and I lift heavier than 95 per cent of the guys in there – I’m not saying this to brag, but rather to show the dire state of the bicep-obsessed members! On one hand, it’s nice because I get taken seriously and a lot of people ask me for advice, but on the other hand it’s kind of depressing to not have anyone to admire. In the two months I’ve been training at this gym, I’ve seen ONE guy deadlift more than me and no one has squatted more than me – even after my accident!

I’ve been toying with the idea of training at a strongman/powerlifting facility, and I think I’ve found one! It’s only a 15 minute walk from my house so I plan on checking it out next week. I’m very excited to try something new but I’m also quite nervous – I’ll be going from the strongest to the weakest person at the gym!

This could be me one day ;)

This could be me one day 😉


3. Dream clock
I saw this clock in a magazine and then in a hotel lobby – it looks so cool in person! Call me a nerd but I love it. I was all ready to buy it, until I found out it costs £800 (about US$1200). Uh, say what?


They are called “Qlocks” and also come in smaller, alarm-sized versions which are still ridiculously overpriced. They also have an app to transform your phone into something similar.

4. I want to buy all the things
My lovely client, Dora, sent me this picture:

perfect woman

She then told me it comes from an online shop with many other cool designs available, which you can get made into t-shirts, bags, mugs, clocks – you name it! I spent an hour on this site making a wish list, so I warn you before clicking over – it’s a time and money suck!

5. BodyPower!!!
The main reason I don’t have time to write a more informative post today is because I have to pack for Birmingham! We leave for BodyPower in the morning and I’m soooooo excited! I will put up all the pictures next week. DLB, here I come!

Have you ever trained at a powerlifting gym? Would you spend £800 on a clock? iPhone or Blackberry?

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