BodyPower 2013

BodyPower 2013

I spent the weekend in Birmingham, attending the BodyPower expo (the UK’s biggest fitness expo). I met – and made a fool of myself in front of – Dana Linn Bailey (and now consider my life complete!!) and enjoyed a very relaxing hotel stay.

I know most of you want to hear about Dana, so I’ll skip ahead to that part. We got to the expo bright and early on Sunday and walked around the entire exhibition centre searching for Dana’s stand. I nearly died when I first saw her – I was so excited and nervous!

We lined up and waited for about 45 minutes to meet her. As we got closer and closer to the front of the line, I snapped photos of her and Rob like the paparazzi!



All of a sudden I was next in line. I swear I could have passed out – my heart was beating at a million miles a minute, I was sweating and could have burst into tears at any minute. She said hi and I gave her a hug and told her I was really nervous! Rob (as in my husband, not hers!) took our picture and she signed a poster for me.

The photo I have is horrible! As Rob so eloquently put it, I’m smiling so hard it looks like my face is going to explode – haha! I just think I look deranged…. Luckily, a professional photographer was also taking pictures which should be uploaded in a few days. We got another one after she had signed my picture, when I had calmed down a little, so I’m hoping that one was better.


It took me about an hour to stop sweating. I have never been so excited to meet anyone! Hopefully she will come back next year so I can behave a little more normally.

The wait times to meet the other athletes were 1-2 hours long, and neither of us were really that keen, so I just snapped photos from afar.

Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman

Larissa Reis

Larissa Reis

Kai Greene

Kai Greene

The expo was busy, busy, busy! Rob and I are terrible in that we whizz by all the stands. Neither of us are taking any supplements at the moment, so it made it easy to skip the majority of the exhibitors. I kept my eye out for a non-dairy protein powder, but couldn’t spot one. I did have a cup of protein ice cream from WheyHey, which was freakin’ awesome (if you are in the UK, you can find stockists here)!

I also bought a weight lifting belt and Anna’s protein powder recipe book. We sat in and watched a seminar on metabolic damage (which was brilliant – I will blog about it later in the week!). We also watched a few of the strongman and bodybuilding events before calling it a day. We were both exhausted having carried around our luggage all day, which was not the ideal way to finish an otherwise relaxing weekend.

We’d arrived in Birmingham on Friday afternoon after a two-hour train ride from London. First priority, as always, was to eat! I had a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel…DSCF4359

… along with the best chips I’ve ever had in my life – seriously!

Each fry was the size of half a potato!

Each fry was the size of half a potato!

We then went for a little walk to explore the city, before returning to our fabulous hotel room. We stayed at the Hotel du Vin, which had the best hotel bathroom I’ve ever seen. No two rooms are the same, and they don’t have room numbers – ours was called Louis Jadot.


Roll-top bath AND a monsoon shower!

It was huge!

It was huge!

Rob loved the monsoon shower a little toooo much, taking 8 showers in two days!

LOL - he wanted me to put this up!

LOL – he wanted me to put this up!

The rest of the room wasn’t so bad either.

Rob trying to figure out how to use the (proper!) espresso machine

Rob trying to figure out how to use the (proper!) espresso machine

We were pretty exhausted so we ordered room service for dinner, after taking a relaxing bath. We shared pasta and poached chicken, with yet more salmon.

DSCF4371The hotel also had a really nice spa, which we took full advantage of! Saturday morning we had a steam, sauna and massage, and on Sunday I went and did a quick workout in the gym. The gym had about 15 machines and yet no barbells, but at least it had dumbbells up to 20kg.

hotel gym

Saturday was a grand day of eating! We had a buffet breakfast and all-you-can eat sushi for lunch (we seem to be making that a habit on holidays!). The sushi was only £11.95 per person, which is an absolute bargain round these parts. I had about 15 plates…. apparently I had no concern about saving my appetite for dinner!


We had dinner in the hotel’s bistro (which is apparently one of the best restaurants in the whole city). We were also celebrating our third year wedding anniversary, so we made it special.

I had croque monsieur (ham and cheese) “lollipops” to start. OMG.


For my main, I had steak hache served with a fried duck’s egg and potato rosti.


For the most important course, I had chocolate fondant with hazelnut ice cream.


We also made our way through two (big) baskets of bread, so it was no surprise I felt awful in the morning! I’ve never been so excited to return to eating chicken and spinach 😉

And that was my weekend – congrats if you made it this far! What was the most exciting thing you did this weekend?

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