Lean Out: Week Nine

Lean Out: Week Nine

This is less a post about my lean out progress, and more about my fabulous new gym!

Last week, I worked out with Rob three times which was a nice change. We haven’t worked out together in months and it’s always good to have someone pushing you. We must look crazy to outsiders. Before I do a lift, Rob shoves me around and calls me a pussy and I like to slap him in the face pre-lift!

His reverse psychology didn’t work very well as I was feeling super weak last week for some reason. I couldn’t hit the previous week’s weights for bench or overhead press, and I could barely manage a chin-up without Rob’s help.

Thankfully, I was feeling strong for Sunday’s workout at my new gym! It was my first workout there, so I didn’t want to look psycho snapping pictures, but I promise I will soon.

This gym is amazing. It has three huge power racks, plus Olympic platforms, and more bumper plates than I know what to do with. It also has a bunch of equipment I’ve never actually seen in the flesh, such as a glute ham raise, rings, chains, rumble rollers and more. And it has one of those manual treadmills built for all-out sprints. The best thing about this gym is that it has almost no cardio equipment: just two of the aforementioned treadmills, a stepper and a rower.

We did six sets of deadlifts (I worked up to 97.5kg – I wanted to go for 100kg but Rob rushed my warm up and I wasn’t feeling 100% so I didn’t push it), five sets of squats (up to 70kg) and three sets of cable pull-throughs. EASY!

About once every 10 days, the gym does strongman conditioning sessions in the park where they do farmers carries, yokes, tyre flips, prowler pushes and pulls, etc. I’m hopefully going this Thursday, so I will report back!

I did yoga twice last week which felt so good – I need to do it more often! In terms of cardio, I ran home from work once (20 minutes at an embarrassingly slow pace) and did one dance class. I have no need to do any more cardio than this.

This week I’m going to start another cycle of 5/3/1. Now that I’m back to a pre-accident level of strength, I want to work on increasing it even more. Besides I’ve been maxing out my lifts almost every week so I need to give my body a break!

Last week, Rob travelled back and forth to a tennis tournament (hence why he was home in the mornings so we could work out together). He texted me on Monday to say that the tennis centre had the best brownies EVER made. He brought home two that night…. and every night for the rest of the week.

They were perfectly gooey and had chocolate pieces on the inside. OM.


So, yes, I had five brownies last week and therefore ‘cheated’ on my diet every single day. Oops. The good news is I don’t feel like it set me back at all. I woke up this morning and thought I was looking leaner. I’m getting much better about not going so overboard on the weekends, now that my summer holidays to Montenegro and Ibiza (yes, I’m repeating summer 2012!) are looming closer.


I didn’t go to the gym this morning so I couldn’t weigh myself, but I feel lighter. The only measurements of note is that I’m down another centimetre in my waist.

I’m still on a greek yoghurt (and coconut water!!) kick. I had a bad breakout last week so I’m going to give it one more week before I throw in the towel…


Other memorable eats include finding the best take-away restaurant ever! Everything tasted so healthy and fresh, all the ingredients are organic, the meat is grass-fed and the price is reasonable.

Rob and I shared the mixed Mediterranean platter, which was meat, veggies, feta, olives and vine leaves.medplate

Rob had a Caesar salad and I had the grilled halloumi salad with chicken, cous cous, beans, tomatoes, almonds, sultanas and a hazelnut dressing. This was legitimately the best salad I’ve ever had!

halloumi saladOn Saturday after dancing I had a rack of lamb with buttery carrots and potatoes.

rack of lamb

And last night Rob made steak and mashed potatoes with blue cheese sauce.


What is the healthiest take-away you’ve ever had?

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