Lean Out: Week 10

Lean Out: Week 10

I feel like I lost weight from last week’s Strongman session alone! Minus a post-class pigout on Thursday night, I managed to stay fairly consistent with my diet for the rest of the week.

Last week I was getting adjusted to my new workout schedule. I’ve never lifted on a Sunday before, and we will be alternating lifts every Sunday, so my weekly plan will always be different and require some tweaking. I only had one day completely off last week, but I prefer to have two.

Monday: 15 minutes of sprints in the park
Tuesday –Β Upper Body: Β overhead press (21.5kg x 5, 25kg x 5, 27,5kg x 6), bent over barbell row (40kg x 12 x 2, 45kg x 10 x 2) superset with push ups (10 x 4), flat dumbbell press (30kg x 8 x 4) superset with single arm dumbbell rows (17.5kg x 12 x 4)
Wednesday: off
Thursday: Strongman!Β 
Friday – Lower Body: squat (47.5kg x 5, 55kg x 5, 62.5kg x 7), pistol squats (8 x 3) superset with straight-legged dumbbell deadlifts (25kg x 12 x 3), sumo deadlifts (60kg x 8, 70kg x 5), glute ham raise (10 x 4)
Saturday: dance class
Sunday – Upper Body: bench press (31kg x 5, 35.5kg x 5, 40.5kg x 7), negative chin-ups (4 x max single hold), inverted rows (10 x 4) superset with dumbbell upright rows (15kg x 12-15 x 4), dumbbell pullover (10kg x 12 x 4) superset with bent over flyes (5kg x 15 x 4)

*My lower back was sore after Thursday, so I kept Friday’s workout light and easy!

As a keen eye might be able to tell, I’m back on 5/3/1 (please see this post for a full explanation of the program methodology). I resumed right where I left off, and it’s tough! The first week used to be easy, but I’m already struggling.

I took some sneaky pictures of my new gym on Sunday – Rob and I were the only ones in there for almost an hour. And I realised they have 0.25kg plates!!! This is awesome for 5/3/1, which requires specific percentages of your 1RM.


Oh, and I plan on filming my lifts almost every Sunday now that I have Rob with me, so prepare for more videos!


Look at all those chains and bumper plates!

I’m doing so much better at limiting treats. I don’t believe in making certain foods off-limits, but my problem is that having ‘just a little’ of this and that most days of the week is hurting my progress.

Last week I kept things fun but healthy by throwing a whole chicken into a crockpot with some baby carrots, parsnips, potatoes and herbs.


I discovered a new favourite: PaleOMG’s chicken bacon alfredo… OM. I made it with spiralised zucchini instead of squash (as the latter is impossible to find in England!) and added a sprinkling of parmesan.

alfredoAnd my favourite meal for the past six months: Moroccan meatballs with creamy mashed potatoes (no, none of this cauliflower nonsense!) and green beans tossed with bacon, butter and parmesan.


After my Strongman class, I was absolutely ravenous. I haven’t felt hunger like that in years! I inhaled 250g of smoked salmon, half a loaf of bread with hummus, half a litre of coconut water and then half a pint of Ben and Jerrys. Rob watched on in amazement and asked me if I planned on breathing!

salmon bread

I am not worried about what I ate at all, as I know my body burned through it. My appetite was out of control until Monday! If I keep up this Strongman training, I’ll be ripped πŸ˜‰

My cheat meal this week was a huge disappointment. One of my clients took me to a local Thai restaurant a few weeks ago, and it was amazing. I knew I had to take Rob there as we both love Thai food. However, it was terrible this time around!

I ordered the exact same meal: steamed dim sum for an appetiser, Pad Thai with soft shell crab for a main, and coconut ice cream for dessert. They screwed everything up – the dim sum was chewy, the crab was dry and the coconut ice cream (which was legitimately one of the best things I’d ever tasted first time around) was actually strawberry-flavoured! Nothing worse than wasting a cheat meal.

Looks can be deceiving!

Looks can be deceiving!

Every Sunday morning, Rob and I go out for breakfast. Now we have a great excuse to eat big, as we go straight after the gym. I ordered a full English breakfast with an iced coffee on the side (and a few sips of Rob’s chocolate and peanut butter milkshake!).


My waist is down another centimetre and I’ve lost 0.5kg, however, I feel a huge difference physically!

How many rest days do you take per week? What do you do when your appetite is out of control?

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