Lean Out: Week 11

Lean Out: Week 11

As promised, I have a video for you guys today! I also have some tasty meals to share, and my thoughts about where this lean out is going.

Last week was my second week of my latest 5/3/1 program. My workouts:
Monday: off
Tuesday – Upper Body:Β overhead press (22.5kg x 3, 26kg x 3, 29kg x 4), bent over barbell row (40kg x 12 x 2, 45kg x 10 x 2) superset with push ups (10 x 4), flat dumbbell press (30kg x 6 x 4) superset with single arm dumbbell rows (17.5kg x 10 x 4), kneeling cable woodchop (10 x 3)
Wednesday: 15 minutes of sprints in the park
Thursday – Lower Body: deadlift (65kg x 5, 75kg x 5, 85kg x 5), goblet squat (3010 tempo)(16kg x 10 x 3) superset with static dumbbell lunge (20kg x 3), barbell hip thrust (40kg x 15, 60kg x 10 x 3), goblet lateral lunge (8kg x 8 x 3) superset with plank (30 secs x 3)
Friday – Upper Body:Β bench press (32.5kg x 3, 37.5kg x 3, 42.5kg x 5), chin-ups (4 x 1-2), inverted rows (10 x 4) superset with dumbbell upright rows (16kg x 12 x 4), dumbbell pullover (12kg x 12 x 3) superset with lat raises (3010 tempo)(6kg x 10 x 3), bent over flyes (5kg x 15 x 4), crucifix (4kg dumbbells for 50 seconds)
Saturday: dance class
Sunday – Lower Body:Β squat (50kg x 3, 57.5kg x 3, 65kg x 6), pistol squats (10 x 3) superset with straight-legged dumbbell deadlifts (30kg x 12 x 3), cable pull-throughs (40kg x 12 x 3), alternating kettlebell swing (12kg x 30 x 4)

I filmed my squats for two reasons – one, so I can share with you all, and two, so I can check my form. Last week I saw a physiotherapist about my knee problem. After performing an assessment, it became clear that I’m experiencing valgus collapse on the left side during squats and deadlifts. I can also balance on my right leg with my eyes closed all day long, but really struggle on the left side. Both of these things are a direct result of the accident.

He seems to think I have shattered ligaments and tendons in my left knee, which unfortunately take a really long time to heal. I still can’t put weight on my knee, and I’m being very cautious about squatting below parallel.

Preface to the video: Rob and I were alternating, and the rack was set up too high for me – which you will see when I struggle to get the bar unracked on my last two sets! Oh and I completely forgot to wear my belt, which is lying on the floor next to me.

(I’m having issues with my video plug-in – if the video doesn’t appear, click here.)

I could have probably done two more reps during my final set, but I didn’t want to push it too much. I have to save some energy for my next Strongman class this Thursday!

Apparently you guys like it when I share all the ‘naughty’ food I eat during the week! Here’s me thinking that you wouldn’t want to see that, and that I should be inspiring you with healthy meals πŸ˜‰

I just can’t, and don’t see myself ever, being completely restrictive when it comes to food. I look forward to each and every single meal that I eat – unlike during my bodybuilding days when I would dread my next meal of dry chicken and boiled broccoli, even when I was starving.

There are little things I have in my diet that keep me sane, which I don’t necessarily document. For example, I usually have coconut water five days a week (it’s an expensive habit!) and Lindt sea salt chocolate twice a week. On the weekends, I typically have one full-blown cheat meal, with one or two other mini cheats sprinkled in. We eat most of our meals out on the weekend, and I am not going to be that girl lugging tupperware around.

For example, this weekend my formal cheat meal happened on Sunday with a burger and fries from Patty and Bun. I’d been hearing rave reviews about this place, and it is supposedly the home of London’s best burgers. As serious burger lovers, Rob and I had to check it out. It was damn good, and we are definitely going back!

I had the Smokey Robinson, which had bacon, cheese, caramelised onions and a special smoky sauce.

patty and bun

And let’s not forget about the rosemary fries!

rosemary fries

On Saturday I also had grits for the first time, served with pulled pork.


On Saturday night, I ordered my favourite take-away salad! This wasn’t a cheat, but the hand cut fries and blue cheese mayo certainly was!



Post-squats on Sunday, we went out for breakfast as usual.


The only new recipe I tried was Juli’s bacon-wrapped smoked salmon-stuffed sweet peppers, which wasn’t technically a recipe but was wicked good. Sorry about the bad lighting – we haven’t had electricity for four days!


I want to be lean, but I’m happy to get there slowly. I plan on continuing this phase as long as necessary (although I will stop documenting it after my summer holidays!) until I reach a level of leanness I can maintain. I initially started this journey because I had gained weight and I felt uncomfortable in my skin. I was eating too much crap all the time and I wanted to hold myself accountable. I have seen a difference in my physique since I started, and I know I could speed it up at any minute if I ‘buckled down’ (which I will probably do in a couple of weeks as my holidays loom closer!).

What’s the best burger you’ve ever eaten?

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