Training and some news!

Training and some news!

This will be the training-only portion of this week’s lean out update. I have some exciting updates for you guys today, so let’s get right into it!

Here is last week’s workouts:
Monday – Upper Body: strict overhead press (25kg x 5, 27.5kg x 3, 31kg x 4), bent over barbell row (40kg x 12 x 2, 45kg x 10 x 2) superset with push ups (10 x 4), tricep pushdowns (30kg x 12 x 3), cable curls (25kg x 12 x 3), kneeling cable woodchop (10 x 3), low to high standing chop (10 x 3)
Tuesday: off
Wednesday – Lower Body: deadlift (70kg x 3, 80kg x 3, 90kg x 5), goblet squat (3010 tempo)(16kg x 10 x 3) superset with static dumbbell lunge (20kg x 3), barbell hip thrust (40kg x 15 x 2, 60kg x 10 x 2), goblet lateral lunge (8kg x 8 x 3) superset with RKC plank (20 secs x 3)
Thursday: strongman class
Friday: off
Saturday: 30 minute interval run (30 seconds all-out sprint, 60 seconds moderate recovery)
Sunday – strongman class and Upper Body: bench press (35.5kg x 5, 40kg x 3, 45kg x 4), chest press machine (75kg x 10 x 3), flat dumbbell chest press (35kg x 6-8 x 3), seated dip machine (60kg x 12 x 3), preacher curl machine (30kg x 12 x 3 – last 3 reps 8-10 second negatives)

My workouts were all over the place this week. It’s very hard trying to work my normal workouts in around my strongman training, as the latter leaves me incredibly sore all over for days!

I never do this much bicep/tricep work in a week, but on Monday the gym was absolutely packed so I had to improvise. On Sunday morning, the only thing I needed to do was the bench press, so Rob and I did a very bodybuilding-centric workout on the fly to make sure I wouldn’t be fatigued for my class in the afternoon. It was the first time I’d used an upper body machine in almost a year!

Let’s talk strongman! Thursday’s class was awesome. Events included farmer’s walks, prowler arm-over-arm pulls, yokes, bag carries, crucifixes, log presses and hex bar deadlifts.

We began with six minutes at each station, practicing in groups of three. We then moved on to the competition round, where we did as many reps/laps as possible in 75 seconds followed by 4 minutes rest before moving to the next event. There were five women, including me, and I’m proud to say I won!

My win was kind of by default, though. For example, I was the only one carrying the heavier bag (and my back paid the price the next day!) but I did one less lap than the others. With the log presses, you are supposed to clean each rep from the floor – I was the only woman who did it that way, so even though I only did 8 reps (one other woman did 14!) I was still the ‘winner’.

log press thurs

We slacked on the photos this week… this is the only one of me

Next up were hex bar deadlifts – this was my favourite!! The bar was loaded with tyres, so we looked like complete badasses doing this in the middle of the park (we get a lot of strange looks, especially from the women running by!). The bar with weights was 50kg (110lbs). First lady steps up and hits 17 deadlifts in 75 seconds. Next manages 22. The woman before me hits 37 and everyone gasped and said there was no way I was going to beat that.

Well, I like a challenge! I banged out 44 reps, baby! I was so excited I ran over to my coach and told him I got 44. He said ’44 what?’ and when I said deadlifts, his jaw dropped. The record for the boys was 38, so I beat them too (albeit with a lower weight)!

Not me obviously, but I'm in the background!

Not me obviously, but I’m in the background!

My crucifix improved immensely from last time. This time I managed to survive for 1:04 and I stuck with the 4kg dumbbells the whole time (last time I had to drop them after 37 seconds). I just focused my eyes on the water of the Thames and tried to shut my brain off.

I came *this close* to puking after the log press and deadlifts. 75 seconds doesn’t seem like a long time but when you’re working at max capacity it’s an eternity!

There were only eight of us in Sunday’s class, and we focused on practicing technique. We did some tyre flips, axle bar deadlifts and prowler pushes, but most of the other events were the same as Thursday’s.

I also got to lift an atlas stone for the first time. It was 45kg and not easy – it took me a good five minutes before I could even get it off the ground and on to my lap. It’s not like a normal deadlift or squat as you have to lift the weight with your wrist and forearms, and not use your fingers. Whenever I can’t do something, it pisses me off big time. I did what I always do, and walked away for a few minutes before coming back and dominating that stone!

This is a lot harder than she makes it look!

This is a lot harder than she makes it look!

Two exciting updates
On Sunday, I was the first to arrive so I had the opportunity to talk with the coach for a good 10 minutes. He said he is very impressed with me (which I already kinda knew considering Thursday’s class was invite-only!) and wants me to compete. There is a competition in October he wants me to train for. He said that unlike female powerlifters who do strongman who tend to be good at the deadlifts and presses, I’m more of an “all-round athlete” that can do everything. HA, I had to laugh at that one.

They are hoping to increase the frequency of the classes to weekly, and then hold a mini comp in about eight weeks time. I’m definitely keen considering that I’m already wanting to compete with the boys instead of the girls!

My other news is that I’m going to be working as a personal trainer at the gym! They don’t have employed trainers, but give clients to a select group of freelance trainers instead. They don’t have a female trainer, nor do they have anyone who’s keen to work with beginners – which is perfect for me as I’d obviously have a hard time training serious powerlifters! The owner asked if I was sure I wanted to mix the place I work out with the place I train others, and I think my response was “are you kidding me?” Ha.

As of now I only have one client but, like any gym, it will build up. I’m not planning on leaving my current job or anything – I will just be working from two gyms (based in Kensington and Putney, for any Londoners wondering!) as well as training all of my online clients.

I have to make a video talking myself up while lifting weights to put on their new website, so I’m a bit nervous about that. It’s always hard being the most inexperienced trainer at a gym!

I still can’t believe all this is happening only four months after thinking I might never lift weights again. Crazy.

This post has gotten long enough, so I will check back later in the week with my diet updates from last week and my lean out progress (with some pictures!).

What was your best workout from last week? Did you hit any PRs?

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