How I eat for Strongman

How I eat for Strongman

This is the second half of my lean out update. If you missed part one, make sure you check it out to read all about my two strongman classes as well as my exciting news!

I also found some more pictures of me from Sunday’s class. Mid-way through my max-deadlift attempt:


And pushing the prowler, backwards. We discovered that if you push it backwards it is harder, so of course that’s what we did!

prowler push

After Thursday night’s class, where I had a protein shake, burger, fries and a brownie AND still felt hungry, I did some research as to what strongman athletes actually eat post-training. And I found this article –  4 eggs, 2 slices bacon, 2 meatballs and a whole stack of pancakes just for breakfast? Sign me up!

Thursday's inadequate PWO meal!

Thursday’s inadequate PWO meal!

I also found this great quote: “If you are training right, after your session you should be exhausted and ravenous (ok, it may take an hour or two before the nausea dissipates and you feel hungry, but it will happen). This isn’t the time for chicken breast and broccoli unless you smother it in cheese, bacon, and more cheese. You need food. Again, this is within reason, but if you’re taking in 2000 calories a day for strongman prep, you had better be a woman and under 5’4”.”

That was taken from this article, which is a great basic guide to strongman training for those interested in learning more. I honestly do feel like I could eat absolutely anything and still lose weight, so I thought it would be fun to share my meals from the weekend! Warning: gluttony ahead!

I knew I had a big training day on Sunday with a gym workout and strongman class, so I started fuelling up on Saturday night. First I shared a platter with Rob consisting of pita bread, hummus, lamb kofte and fries.


For dinner I had a sirloin steak and three potatoes mashed with butter and half a block of cheese (seriously).


For dessert, I had half a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie frozen yoghurt. This stuff was a lot better than I expected – I couldn’t tell much difference from the regular ice cream!

bj fro yo

The next morning, my stomach woke me up. Seriously, apparently all that food wasn’t enough to keep me happy because I was starving! I had 1.25 cups of greek yogurt with cocoa powder and honey, one tablespoon of cashew butter and a banana on the side.

yogurt banana

Then it was off to the gym for an upper body workout. Straight after the gym, Rob and I went for breakfast, which was not only a post-workout meal but also my pre-strongman meal – no time for messing around! I started with an almond croissant.

almond croissant

With a chocolate and banana milkshake on the side.

choc banana

And then rounded it off with some eggs scrambled with ham and cheese, and two pieces of toast.

eggs toast

OK, now I was full. Luckily I had two hours left before class to digest my food! Class turned out to be less intense than usual, as we skipped the competition round, but I still worked hard. Straight after class I had a protein shake and my third banana of the day! When I got home, I had one chicken breast, a couple of felafel and some rice and veg to hold me over two hours until dinner.


Then, the main event. I had half a kilo of ribs (which I’d earlier thrown in the crockpot along with some tomato sauce and spices) and another three mashed potatoes.

crock ribs

So there ya go! I have no idea how many calories that was – I just eat until I’m full, which evidently takes a long time haha.

So this is the 12th week of my lean out! I have barely noticed that I’ve been cutting (especially with meals like the above!!) so, although my progress has been slow, it is sustainable and easy to achieve. I have to admit my main focus is getting strong and fuelling my workouts properly, so fat loss is taking longer than it could.

Here are some pics I took on Monday morning, after all that food! I’m also down another 0.5kg this week, but I haven’t taken my measurements.


When I was at class on Sunday, Rob went out and bought me this Lulu bra I’d been drooling over! Isn’t he sweet?!

jun24 2

Did you enjoy any gluttonous meals this weekend?

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