Lean Out: Week 13

Lean Out: Week 13

Progress is slow and steady, as ever. This week I’m cranking things up a notch – less than five weeks left until holiday numero uno!

Last week’s workouts:
Monday: rest day/20 mins yoga
Tuesday – Upper Body: overhead press (deload – 12.5kg x 5, 17.5kg x 5, 20kg x 5)
Wednesday: rest day – Wimbledon!
Thursday – Lower Body*: pistol squat (10 x 3) superset with straight-legged dumbbell deadlift (30kg x 15 x 3), cable pull-through (40kg x 12 x 3), goblet squat (3010 tempo)(16kg x 10 x ) superset with static dumbbell lunge (20kg x 3), roundabout kettlebell swing (16kg x 16 x 3)
Friday – Upper Body:
bench press (deload – 20kg x 5, 25kg x 5, 30kg x 5), single chin up superset with inverted rows (8 x 3) and dumbbell upright row (12 x 3), dumbbell pullover (12kg x 12 x 3) superset with dumbbell lat raise (3010 tempo)(6kg x 10 x 3), bent over flyes (5kg x 15 x 3) AND 10 minutes treadmill sprints (I know, WTF)
Saturday: dance class
Sunday – Lower Body:
Β back squat (54kg x 5, 61kg x 3, 68.5kg x 3), deadlift (75kg x 5, 85kg x 3, 95kg x 2, 100kg x 1), barbell hip thrust (40kg x 15 x 2, 60kg x 10 x 2), goblet lateral lunge (8kg x 10 x 3) superset with RKC plank (20 secs x 3)

*I skipped squats in Thursday’s workout because all three of the power racks were being used the whole time. The one downside with training at a powerlifting gym is that, even if there are only three other people in the gym, all the racks are being used! Somehow what I thought was an easy workout left me so incredibly sore. I was still tender on Sunday but I had to get my max tests in.

My squat is frustrating the hell out of me!!! I know I can do more, but my knee is bugging me and all the rehab work I did on my hip flexors prior to the accident seems to have been reversed. I’m back to the physio this week to get looked at. Thankfully I took that aggression out on my deadlift. My top set was supposed to be 95kg, but I thought why the hell not, and threw on 100kg (220lbs). It was definitely not as easy as the last time I did it, but at least I’m progressing.

No strongman class last week, but tomorrow it’s on like donkey kong! I have a very special guest staying with me this week, and I’m very excited to take her along to class with me.

Last week I went to Wimbledon. It was much the same deal as last year – in the VIP area, treated like royalty, amazing seats four rows from the front! I got to see Fernando Verdasco (my all time favourite player, by the way!) beat Julien Benneteau. I also saw Andy Murray win and Roger Federer surprisingly lose (with him and Nadal out so early, I smell a conspiracy!).


My phone camera has no zoom, so this is actual distance.

The weather was amazing! I managed to actually eat pretty well, aside from a few Pimms and scones at afternoon tea. After I posted about my new Lulu bra last week, Rob also wanted me to post a picture of the bag he bought me. So here I am just before leaving for the tennis:


And the obligatory booty shot!

wimby booty

Aside from that, I don’t have much exciting news to report! Oh, I made the fattiest, most delicious meal ever. I used the leftover sauce from the ribs I made last week to make meatballs.

Other meals have just been old favourites. Chicken and bacon alfredo over zucchini noodles, with broccoli on the side.


More zucchini noodles, with a chicken, tomato and red pepper sauce.


Random post-workout meals… AKA eat everything possible in my house! This lovely spread includes chicken salad, sweet potato fries, grapes, two dark chocolate-covered rice thins, and the remaining chunk of parmesan left in my fridge. Ha.


I discovered this coconut milk ice cream at Whole Foods:

zen zen

The ingredients list is pretty damn good. It’s a tough competition between this and my beloved WheyΒ Hey for best ‘healthy’ ice cream:

ice cream nutrition

This week I’m making some further dietary changes. I’m hitting about 90g of fat per day at the moment, so I’m going to cut that down to about 60g and reduce my carbs slightly (I’m not craving them at this point, so why not?!).

Breakfast: 3 whole eggs
Lunch/post workout: 150g chicken, mixed salad, 100g sweet potato
Snack: 1 cup greek yoghurt, 1 TB almond/cashew butter
Dinner: 200g chicken/fish, mixed vegetables, 2 serves of fat

I can’t see myself making any further dietary cuts at this point. I am yet to feel hungry in between meals! All I may do is have designated days for HIIT/sprints (no more than twice a week), instead of just doing them when I feel like it.

We’re at the home stretch now!

Have you ever been to Wimbledon? Have you ever tried coconut milk ice cream?

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