My first competition and a weight-loss goal

My first competition and a weight-loss goal

This is my weekly lean out post, but you may have noticed I didn’t title it as such. Reason being that I have now picked a date for my first strongwoman competition, and I have to cut weight to get into a lower category. The competition is in September, and my coach wants me to compete in the under 68kg (150lb) class.

Considering I currently sit at 72kg, I’m going to be leaning out a little while longer. Instead of titling my posts Lean Out: Week 4694, I thought I would mix things up a little going forward. I will still post weekly training and diet updates as you guys seem to like them.

In other matters of housekeeping, I finally signed up for Instagram! Amber convinced me. I never got it because I can’t get it on a Blackberry, but this video shows you how to hack your Blackberry to download it. I’m already addicted! I’ll be posting lots of my meals and plenty of gym selfies, so make sure you follow me.

Last week’s training was random and fun, as I had Amber with me for almost all of my workouts. It’s funny because we both say we don’t like working out with other women, but we had such a great time in the gym together! Here’s what I did:
Monday – Upper Body: bench press (32.5kg x 5, 37.5kg x 5, 42.5kg x 6), horizontal inverted rows (8-10 x 3), seated cable rows (35kg x 12 x 2, 45kg x 8, drop set) superset with elevated push ups (12 x 3), lat pulldown (45kg x 8 x 2, 35kg x 20 x 2) superset with face pulls (25kg x 30 x 2, 40kg x 10 x 2), chest press machine (45kg x 12 x 2, 55kg x 8, drop set), kneeling cable chop (10kg x 10 x 3)
Tuesday: Strongman class (recap here!)
Wednesday: off
Thursday – Upper Body: overhead press (22.5kg x 5, 26kg x 5, 30kg x 7), chin ups (max x 4), single arm kettlebell snatch (8kg x 12, 10kg x 8, 12.5kg x 5), flat dumbbell press (12.5kg x 12, 15kg x 10, 17.5kg x 6), side-facing landmine row (30kg x 10 x 2, 35kg x 10), preacher curls (25kg x 8 with 10 second negative x 3)
Friday: off
Saturday – Lower Body: squat (50kg x 5, 57.5kg x 5, 65.5kg x 7), deadlift (68kg x 5, 78kg x 5, 90kg x 6), barbell hip thrust (40kg x 15 with 5 second hold x 2, 50kg x 12 with 5 second hold), band-assisted chin ups (max x 4)
Sunday – Conditioning: box jumps (12-15 x 5), kettlebell swings (20kg x 20 x 5), bodyweight split squats (15 x 3)

As I mentioned above, I have a competition picked out. The events I will be competing in include the deadlift, log press, atlas stone, shield carry, truck pull and keg toss. It is common that the events change last-minute so I will be practicing the other events as well. My first private training session with my coach is tonight, and I’m nervously excited!

I think it’s quite funny that I’m going to be getting stronger while also getting leaner. I definitely think that now’s the time to book in a photoshoot for post-comp!

I took these photos yesterday, in all my curvaceous glory!

My 'before' picture ?

My ‘before’ picture ?

It makes the world of difference to stick to a “diet” when you have a clear goal in mind. It is weird that I’m trying to lose a specific amount of weight, seeing as I’m not a fan of using weight as a measure of progress at all! The past couple of weeks I’ve done amazingly well, with barely any cheats. Last week I went out for plain fro-yo with fruit and mashed potato, and that’s about as adventurous as I got.

I can't bring myself to call this a cheat meal!

I can’t bring myself to call this a cheat meal!

fro yo

Or this!

I wish Amber would move in with me and cook for me every day! She is an amazing chef, and everything she made me was so fresh and healthy.

Steak with squash and zucchini, mushroom and pepper

Steak with squash and zucchini, mushroom and pepper

I hadn’t eaten squash in years, and now I’ve had it almost every day. I’m hooked!


London is also in the midst of a heatwave, which has been making me crave fish and salad like crazy!

Salmon, kippers, squash and salad

Salmon, kippers, squash and salad

I also got my creative hat on and made portobello mushrooms stuffed with bacon, goat’s cheese, tomato and basil. I mixed one tablespoon of olive oil with one tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, and spread it over both sides of two mushrooms. I baked the empty shells for 5 minutes each side, and then added two slices of cooked bacon, one diced tomato, a crumbling of goat’s cheese and a sprinkling of basil and baked them for a further five minutes. Easy and delicious!


Thanks to the hot weather, I’ve been making homemade fro-yo. I just mix one cup of greek yoghurt with one tablespoon of cocoa powder, one teaspoon of stevia and blueberries. I stick it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes and then top it with one square of chopped dark chocolate.

homemade froyo

What is your favourite food to eat in the summer? Have you ever had to reach a certain weight before?

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