A change of plan

A change of plan

There is a good chance I’m changing competitions. A new strongwoman competition was announced last Friday (Britain’s Most Powerful Woman), which is going to be held on the exact same day in the same town of the original comp I planned to compete in. After spending this past week thinking about it, I think I’ve finally made the decision to change – but not for the reason you might think.

The new competition is easier. By no means would I call it easy, but thankfully it doesn’t involve any 75% bodyweight log presses! It is the qualifier for the World’s Most Powerful Woman competition being held in Glasgow in October. The events are:

  • Max zercher lift: starting weight of 40kg, increases in 5kg increments
  • Overhead medley: 30kg log, 40kg log, 50kg axel – 1 rep on each in order, max reps in 75seconds.
  • 20 metre rope pull into sled drag: 100kg on astro turf, head to head
  • Sandbag carry and load over 15-20m: 30kg, 35kg,40kg, 45kg, 60kg
  • Farmers walks: 65kg over 40m, head to head
  • Overhead wobble hold: Oly bar in high rack with suspended tractor tyres on bands, held at lockout for max time. 30kg bar weight and 9kg tyres for a total weight of 48kg.

A zercher squat


And just to remind you, the events of the original competition are:

  • 120kg deadlift
  • 50kg log press
  • 7.5 tonne truck pull
  • 80kg atlas stone loading over 48 inch bar
  • 75kg shield carry
  • Keg toss

When I told my coach about this new comp, he told me it was completely my decision. I told him I didn’t want to pussy out and do it purely because it’s easier, but I also didn’t want to go too hard too soon and completely flop. He told me I couldn’t think of it like that. He thinks the new comp will be more sensible, and the events sound more fun. The person who is organising the ‘heavy’ comp has never put together an event before, and Mike thinks he’s overestimated the weights. Mike said the only women he’s seen log press 50kg are as big as him!

I also practiced the keg toss on Wednesday and could barely manage to get it between my legs; given that I’m quite tall, he thinks the event will have to be changed to a kettlebell throw or similar. Again, he worries that the truck and 120kg deadlift will be too heavy for the weight class. Having been through the past two weeks of training, I’m now confident I can make all of the events except the log press. Keeping in mind that I’m also taking two weeks off training in August, I don’t want to put unrealistic pressure on myself and not be able to complete an event.

Mike doesn’t want me to spend all this time training for events if they’re likely going to have to be changed. Also, no one has registered for the original comp yet so if it’s cancelled he’s worried it will be too late to get into the other comp.

The bad news is I wouldn’t get to pull a truck. Mike’s also gutted that I won’t get to do any stones, as that’s his favourite event and one he thinks I’ll be particularly good at. I highly doubt this will be my first and only competition, so I’m sure I will get the opportunity to load up the stones in the future!



The other good news is that I wouldn’t have to cut weight as it’s an under 75kg comp. I hadn’t worried too much about losing the 4-5kg necessary to compete in the other comp, but it’s just one less thing I need to think about.

I’ll make my final decision this weekend and officially register for one or the other. Mike says it’s a shame they’re on the same day, or I could do both…. yeah, right! My training will hardly change, as I’ve been practicing all of the strongman events as it is. I will just add in some zercher squats and axle cleans and do farmers walks more frequently than the current once a fortnight. Mike still wants me to hit a 120kg deadlift by the time of the comp, so I’m pumped for that! =

Mike says the decision comes down to why I’m competing. When he asked me if I’m competing to win, I laughed. Given that I’ve only been doing strongman training for, oh, six weeks, it would be extremely naive of me to expect to win! For me, this has never been about winning, but doing something I never thought I could do. I think it is so cool to be able to say that I’ve competed in a strongwoman competition, and I wouldn’t even care if I came last.

I know no-one can make this decision for me, but what do you think I should do?

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