Chobani hits the UK

Chobani hits the UK

Last Thursday, I came home to a box full of Chobani yoghurt on my doorstep! Being the pig that I am, I’ve already demolished every container (and an extra two big ones!) and wanted to share my thoughts.


To be honest, my first experience with Chobani wasn’t great. I first tried it about two years ago, when it first hit grocery shelves in Sydney. I’d seen all my bloggers friends in the US rave about Chobani, so I expected to love it. I only tried a couple of flavours and I found them too thin and too sweet. The final straw was when I bought a strawberry-flavoured yoghurt and it was plain old yoghurt missing the added fruit – I never had it again (it was post-workout, I was cranky!).

Thankfully, they have improved their formula or perhaps offer something different altogether in the UK. I was a big fan of all of the yoghurts they sent! My favourite flavour was the blueberry, with raspberry a close second. The only one I didn’t particularly care for was the cherry flavour, as it tasted quite artificial – but I find this with most cherry-flavoured products, so it may just be the bitterness.

Blueberry goodness!

Blueberry goodness!

The nutritional stats on these yoghurts are pretty good. Each small pot (170g) has around 130 calories, with almost 13g of protein and around 20g of sugar. Back when I was all about limiting sugar, I tried to find a yoghurt which had only 10-15g of sugar per 100g, so this falls within the ideal range. The ingredients list is also pretty good, with mostly natural ingredients.

Given how much I eat these days, one of these pots is not enough to make a meal out of, so I have been enjoying them as a nice dessert after dinner.

I was surprised by how good the plain strained yoghurt (i.e. Greek yoghurt, but they’re not allowed to call it that!) is. Chobani is often compared to Fage Total yoghurt. I’d like to say I’m a bit of a Fage expert, considering I chew through one 500g tub every single day. You guys, that’s 3.5kg of yoghurt a week…. which is just ‘snacks’ for me. Oy.

Anyway, I honestly did not taste any difference between the plain Chobani and the Total 0% yoghurt. That being said, I still prefer the taste of Total 10% as it is much creamier and more filling. However, 10% is very difficult to find in the local grocery stores, so I applied the same tactic to thickening my Chobani: adding 2 TB of unflavoured pea protein powder, 1 TB cocoa powder and one teaspoon of stevia. Yum!


In fact, the only thing I was disappointed about is that Chobani still seems to be equating health with low fat. The yoghurts are heavily branded as being fat-free. I do not care about the fat content at all, but I’m rather more interested in the sugar content.

Chobani’s UK website is here. I’ve started seeing a couple of the flavours pop up in Sainsburys and Tesco, so I can stock up on yet more yoghurt.

Full disclosure: I received the yoghurts for free. As always, opinions are honest and my own.

Have you ever tried Chobani? What is your favourite flavour?

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