Photoshoot pics and off I go!

Photoshoot pics and off I go!

Hi guys! Sorry for the late post, but Bluehost was down. Grr! I’m off to Montenegro tomorrow, and I have a few updates to race through before I go.

First up, I’ve got some of the photos from the shoot last week. I think they look pretty cool, and I’m excited to see the bench and log pressing photos.





Next up, I wanted to recap this week’s workouts. Unlike previous weeks where I’ve been training six days a week, this week was an easy four!

Monday – Back with trainer (AKA worst workout of my life)
Deadlifts: 50kg x 5,5, 70kg x 3, 85kg x 2, 100kg x 3, 100kg x 4, 110kg x 1, 120kg – miss, miss, 90kg x 12
Zercher squats: 70kg x 3, 3, 80kg x 3,3,3
Dumbbell holds (max time for grip): 22.5kg x 20 secs, 30kg x 20 secs, 35kg x 60 secs (first two sets are warm-ups)
50kg bag carries
Bent over row with axle bar: 50kg x 5 x 4 sets
Axle bar hold (max time for grip): 50kg x 75 secs
Overhead axle bar hold: 37kg x 30 secs x 4 sets

Where to begin? I was all pumped up to go for 120, so I was pissed when my coach said he wanted me to hit 100kg for 5 reps. All I was focusing on was the 120, and I knew that if I did 100 for reps, I wouldn’t have enough energy for 120. Lo and behold, 110kg felt insanely heavy and I knew there was no way in hell I was getting 120 up.

I was so frustrated and disappointed. It completely ruined the rest of my workout. Zercher squats went okay because I was focusing on learning the technique, but everything else was a shit show. I’ve carried the 50kg bar 80 metres without stopping, and I was struggling to make it just five metres at a time. After about 10 minutes of a shocking performance, I dropped the bag and started crying. My poor coach didn’t know what to do with me!

I just wanted to go home, but I was dragged through an awful workout. My strength was completely zapped and the weights felt enormous.

Because of one stupid failed lift, I started thinking I was way out of my depth and that I shouldn’t be competing. In hindsight, my body was just tired. I had trained 9 out of the last 10 days, and I’ve strained a muscle in my left shoulder so every exercise felt painful. I’ve also hit PRs every single week, so it was natural my body would eventually say no. My reaction to a missed lift was especially ridiculous considering I don’t even have to deadlift for my comp.

Tuesday – Shoulders
Wide log cleans: 4 sets of 3 reps @ 40kg
Narrow log clean and press from the floor: 30kg x 5, 35kg x 2,3,3
Axle clean and press: 27kg x 5,5,8
Seated barbell press: 15kg x 12, 25kg x 8,8
Overhead straight barbell hold: 30kg x 30s, 35kg x 20s, 40kg x 15s
Bent over flyes: 5kg x 15 x 3

This workout was only 14 hours after the previous session, and it was almost as bad. My shoulders will still fried and my body was just screaming for rest. Thankfully, I had Wednesday off and was told to eat BIG for Thursday.

Thursday – Events with trainer (AKA I redeemed myself!)
30 minutes log practice: warmed up on the narrow log and worked up to 40kg, then moved on to the thick log (40kg) and came *this close* to pressing it on my own, but did it with a slight assist. Pretty stoked considering I couldn’t have even imagined pressing this log just a few weeks ago.
20 minutes farmers walk practice: this was my first proper practice. I’ve only done this event at strongman class in the park, and the most weight I’d ever used was I think 35kg in each hand. Well, I blew that record out of the water and did 60kg for 20 metres! My hands/grip were absolutely ruined, so we had to drop the weight back a bit after that so I could work on my speed. I have to do 65kg for the comp, but I’m much more confident about that weight now.
15 minutes arm-over-arm pulls: only used 50kg on the sled and just worked on speed.
Overhead wobble hold with axle bar and band-suspended tyres: I worked up to 37kg over four sets, holding each for 30-40 seconds. This is the craziest core workout ever!
20 minutes axle clean and press practice: worked up to 52.5kg but I missed it five times in a row! The good news is my general technique is getting much better. I still have no idea how I’m going to press 50kg overhead, but I’ll cross that hurdle later!

One thing we’ve noticed is I don’t give up easy. When I miss a lift, I want to try and try again. I luckily have a coach with me who tells me when that’s a good idea, and when I should just save my strength for another time.

Oh and a funny story… I was training one of my male clients today.Β He is 7 foot tall and weighs 100kg, and he was whingeing like a baby when I made him do farmers walks with 25kg dumbbells. I shut him up real quick when I told him the weight for my comp is almost three times that!

Friday – back/legs
Deadlifts: 50kg x 5,5, 70kg x 3, 85kg x 2, 100kg x 2 (nice and light today!)
Zercher squats: 20kg x 12, 40kg x 5, 60kg x 3, 70kg x 3,3
Good mornings: 20kg x 12, 40kg x 10,10,10
Dumbbell holds: 35kg x 30 seconds x 3 sets
Overhead barbell hold: 35kg x 30 seconds x 3 sets

Coach is not happy that I’m going on holiday, especially to a place that doesn’t have gyms (like I said in my posts last year, people in Montenegro don’t even know what working out is!). He came up with some completely unrealistic ideas (finding a farm to flip tyres, packing an axe to chop wood, asking a non-English speaking person if I could borrow their car to push it, etc) but we reached a sensible compromise.

I’m taking a sandbag with me, so I can practice carries. I can also use the sandbag for squats, presses and even grip work. I remember lots of rocks lying around on the beaches, so hopefully I can find one heavy enough to throw around. Add in some beach sprints and fireman carries (pictured below), and I’m good to go!

Can you imagine the weird looks I'm going to get if I lift Rob up like this?!

Can you imagine the weird looks I’m going to get if I lift Rob up like this?!


Even though my comp is in only five weeks (holy crap!), I’m not too worried about taking time off. I’ve been hitting it hard for four weeks now and frankly my body could use a little break. I’ve found an average-looking gym to train at in Ibiza while everyone else will be partying (coach wants me to Skype with him so he can yell at me and scare all the hungover people haha). My only instruction is not to lose weight, so I’ll be eating big as always!

Unlike last year, I won’t be blogging while I’m away so you’ll just have to survive without me for 10 days πŸ˜‰

Does anyone have any interesting sandbag ideas for me?

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