Montenegro 2013

Montenegro 2013

Hi guys! I’ve been back on British soil for 36 hours, and racing around like a crazy person before I jet off again to Ibiza tomorrow morning. I wanted to throw up a quick post before I left to recap my Montenegro trip.

For newer readers of the blog, you can see last year’s posts on Montenegro here, here and here. My father-in-law was born in Montenegro, which is why we go back every year. Plus, it’s gorgeous! We stayed at the same place as last year, but we had a better apartment this year.

The view from balcony one...

The view from balcony one…

...and balcony two!

…and balcony two!


Budva old town

Budva old town

night view

bar view


This year, our trip was much more relaxed. Every day was basically the same: wake up, go to the gym or do a sandbag workout on our balcony, eat breakfast, play tennis, swim, eat lunch, swim and sun tan for 5 hours, go into the city if we felt up to it, and then eat dinner and go to bed!

I’m actually thankful we had a workout most days, because I would have gone stir crazy lying by the water all day!

I ate like a champion while I was away! The only demand my coach had made was that, under no circumstances, was I to lose weight while I was away. I ate so much food that my father-in-law called me a truck driver. Most days I would get two lunches for the extra veggies.

My two lunches!

My two lunches!

This was not a time for grilled chicken and broccoli – I had lots of pasta, pizza, steak and risotto.

Butter, steak and potatoes? Heaven!

Butter, steak and potatoes? Heaven!



A sampling of traditional Baltic meats... mmm

A sampling of traditional Baltic meats… mmm

I ate at least half a bread basket with every single meal.


And I had dessert every day, but more often twice a day.


ice cream

Pineapple stuffed with fruit and ice cream

Pineapple stuffed with fruit and ice cream

I had crepes with Nutella almost every single day <3

I had crepes with Nutella almost every single day <3

The food highlight of the trip was definitely our authentic Montenegrin meal. Rob’s uncle lives in Montenegro, and he organised a lamb spit roast for us deep in the mountains. It was amazing!


The veggies are to die for in this country!

The veggies are to die for in this country!

My digestive system handled all the food, except a sketchy take-away burger thing I had. It did not like the booze I had though, so I kept the cocktails to a minimum!

I felt even more body confident this year than I did last year. Although Montenegrin women are beautiful and thin, none of them have muscle. I was proud to be the only woman with a squatter’s butt! Just goes to show you can eat like a pig and still love your body 😉 (Sorry for Instagram selfie overload!)



Training was a lot of fun! We found a hotel gym nearby, and did two pressing sessions there. The dumbbells only went up to 10kg, so I had to use the smith machine for most exercises. Oh, the humanity.


Practicing my overhead wobble hold, minus the wobble!

On the alternate days, we did a sandbag workout with squats, step-ups, chin ups, bag carries and sprints. We definitely got some weird looks from the locals, but they were curious too – I think I could start a strongman training business over there 😉 I don’t think the tough Montenegrin men would like their women lifting heavy weights, though!

Not a bad view for squats!

And we also found some rocks by the side of the road to lift.




Even my mother-in-law played with the rocks!

I kind of considered the trip an active deload. I wasn’t lifting as heavy as usual, but I was still working on technique as much as possible with my overhead holds and sandbag carries. I drastically improved my bag pick-up, so taking a week off wasn’t a completely stupid idea four weeks out from competition. In a way, my body still had a rest and feels recovered, which I think I desperately needed after hammering it for months on end.

I plan on training at a proper gym in Ibiza 2-3 times, in between partying and tanning. Ha. I’m working with my trainer twice while I’m temporarily in London, so this should almost be a normal training week. I’m back on Tuesday next week, when normal posting and training will resume!

Do you work out on holiday? When was the last time you took a deload?

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