Why me?

Why me?

I wish this post was a joke. Sometimes I really do think the universe is against me.

For those of you who have been following along on Facebook and/or Instagram, you will know that I have a mouth infection. On Monday night, my mouth started feeling sore. By Tuesday afternoon I was in agony – so much so that I didn’t sleep a wink on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday morning I went to the doctor with a sore mouth, serious fever and swollen face, and they brushed it off as an ulcer without even looking in my mouth. I tried training on Wednesday night, which was a terrible idea and I got nothing accomplished.

Today I finally saw a dentist, and the diagnosis is exactly as I expected: I have an abscess on my gum, which is the result of a post-surgery infection (when they repaired the bones in my cheek and eye socket, they entered through my upper gum and apparently didn’t do a good job of closing the wound).

My dentist took an x-ray and the gum above two of my teeth is infected, which will need a root canal treatment. He said I need to be referred to either a specialist (which costs a lot of money I don’t have) or the hospital where I had my original surgery.

I spent a long afternoon in the emergency department of the hospital, hence why I am not putting up a coherent post on metabolic damage as planned.

The dentist at the hospital said they won’t do anything until the abscess has drained (which it has started to do on its own). He has recommended that I take strong antibiotics for five days and wait for the infection to clear up before coming back for the procedure. In the meantime, I have to try to get my surgeon to see me in short notice.

The infection is quite high on my gum, so the good news is I probably won’t need to have any teeth removed. That being said, I do worry about waiting around to have this procedure. No one seems to think this is urgent except me.

against the world

For those of you doing the math, you are probably wondering what this means for my competition in nine days’ time. To be honest, I have no idea. This week was supposed to be my peak week, yet I haven’t trained properly since Monday and I don’t even know if I’m up for it this weekend. I’m still feeling very weak and in a lot of pain. I’ve been advised against exercising, as any increase in blood pressure makes the swelling worse.

I’m not allowed to train after Monday anyway, as I have to conserve my energy for the competition. Taking two weeks off, however, is not going to help my strength at all – especially combined with a compromised immune system.

Either option isn’t good. If I have the root canal a few days before my competition, I’m sure I will be in pain and not exactly using the week to relax as planned. If I wait until after my competition, I’m going to be in a weakened state due to pain (not to mention the stress of this hanging over my head!). To put my loss of strength into perspective, I failed a 70kg zercher squat on Wednesday, when I hit 102.5kg the previous week. I can’t imagine trying to log press or sprint when I can barely stand straight.

I wish I could meet the douchebag who hit me and find a way to thank him for ruining my life. I thought getting hit by a car was enough of an obstacle to overcome but I guess not.

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