That's more like it!

That’s more like it!

Last week was my second “peak week” before my competition this Sunday. Unlike my last peak week, which was more like fail week, I managed to hit some PRs. I know I’m still not back to full health, as some of my lifts are lacking and frustrating the hell out of me.

Let’s get the ugly workout out of the way first…

Monday – Back
Deadlifts: 50kg x 5, 70kg x 5, 85kg x 3, 100kg x 1, 107.5kg x F, F
Deadlifts at 90kg, AMRAP in 60 seconds: 10
Bent over row: 50kg x 10, 10, 10
Seated cable row: 100kg x 12, 110kg x 10, 10, 10
Farmers holds: 40kg x 20 secs, 60kg x 20 secs, 70kg x 24 secs

Today I had originally planned to attempt a 120kg deadlift. HA. 85kg felt rough and my back was not happy. It’s been feeling pretty stiff lately so dong max deadlifts was not going to happen. I figured I would “keep it light” with 107.5kg but I couldn’t get it up. The first time I failed it, I thought I just wasn’t concentrating enough, but nope. I never ever fail from the shin so something was definitely off – usually once I move it half an inch, it’s going all the way up.

Thankfully, my gym is the kind where nobody looks twice if you drop weights loudly and scream f#$%! I stormed outside and had a little cry but then pulled myself together for my AMRAP set. The weights of my competition events have changed, so I only have to do 90kg now for reps. Piece of cake. I skipped out on deads today to give my back a full two week break from deadlifts before comp day.

Thursday – Pressing
Yellow log: 30kg x 5, 35kg x 5, 40kg x 2
Red log: 40kg x 3, 3 (rep PR!), 42.5kg x 1 (PR!)
Log press at 35kg, AMRAP in 60 seconds: 10
Axle clean and press: 27kg x 5, 37kg x 5, 39.5kg x 2, 42kg x 1, 44.5kg x 1 (PR!), 52kg x 1 (PR!)
Single arm DB press (per side): 15kg x 5, 17.5kg x 3, 20kg x 1, 22.5kg – F

This workout was PR central! It was just last week I was dreaming of pressing the red log for a triple. I don’t remember if I’ve even attempting adding weight to the red log before, so I was very pleased that I got it up! For my comp, you choose between 30, 35 or 45 kg. It seems really dumb to have the big jump between the two heavier weights! I wish there was an option for 40kg, but I’m going to pussy out play it safe with 35kg.

I’m also dominating my cleans now. My technique has improved a lot and I still can’t believe I pressed almost 45kg above my head. I know that might not be a lot to some, but six months ago I could barely imagine pressing 35kg!

Friday – Legs
Front squats: 20kg x 8, 40kg x 5, 50kg x 3, 60kg x 2, 2, 65kg – fail
Back squats: 50kg x 12, 12, 12, 60kg x 8
Split squats: 10kg x 5, 5, 5
DB static holds: 30kg x 20 secs, 35kg x 60 secs, 40kg x 40 secs
Cable pull-throughs: 35kg x 12, 45kg x 12, 50kg x 12

I absolutely destroyed my legs during this workout. I think they were in absolute shock at such high rep sets of squats (Laura, don’t laugh!). I think I pulled my right hamstring when I was doing split squats. I still can’t stand up or sit down without wincing – it’s definitely up there in the top 3 worst DOMS of all time.

My coach surprised me at the gym during this workout. We had a good chat about my last comp (I’ve been speaking to him, but haven’t actually seen him for six weeks) and he gave me a little pep talk for this Sunday. We’re both looking forward to next year’s comp schedule!

front squats

Saturday – dance class
I finally made it back to dancing – I hadn’t been in weeks because of holidays, competition training and my operation! I know you guys like watching the videos of my classes, so here’s another (I’m in the back row on the right, blue top, hair flying everywhere haha):

Sunday – Pressing and conditioning
Yellow log: 30kg x 5, 35kg x 5, 40kg x 2
Red log: F, F, 1, 2
Log press at 35kg, AMRAP in 60 seconds: 9, 10
3 rounds of 50kg sandbag carries for max distance

I felt awful yesterday, which can be seen in my dismal log pressing effort. Trying to do rest a 50kg bag on my big bloated stomach is never a good time.

All that bloating may or may not have been caused by burger and sundae consumption the night before…


nosh burger

So many burgers!

rob burger

This week I will be doing a mild taper (similar to the week before my last comp), getting a brutal deep tissue massage, and trying not to gain any more weight – I’m sitting right at the edge of my weight class!

But I still have room for plenty of carbs!

But I still have room for plenty of carbs!

Just a reminder that you have two days left to enter my giveaway. I love reading all your suggestions – they are making me crack up! Choosing a winner is going to be extremely tough. I plan on putting the first strength post up on Friday, so you still have some timeΒ Β to send me your submission!

How do you react when you fail a lift?

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