Second time lucky!

Second time lucky!

I know a lot of you will have already seen this through social media, so let’s not play coy…


I won! Yesterday I competed in my second strongwoman competition and scored myself a shiny first place trophy πŸ™‚

This comp was very different to my first competition, and I am equally proud of my efforts in both. Yesterday’s competition was a lot less serious (it was just a charity competition with no title on the line, and was not a qualifier for an international event like my last comp). I wasn’t dealing with a mouth infection this time, so it helped big time with my performance and proper tapering of my training in the previous week.

There were 9 competitors in each division (the under 75kg division and overs). I just made weight again at 74.8kg (fully dressed, with my pockets full, so probably more like 73.5kg).

We drew our names out of a hat to decide the order of the first event. I went second, same as the last comp. A good omen, perhaps? On subsequent events, we went in reverse order – if I won an event, I went last on the next event. So I was either last or second to last on every event.

We started with the log press event, which was for max reps in 60 seconds. We had three options here – a 25kg barbell press (1 rep = 1 point), a 35kg log press (1 rep = 2 points) or a 45kg log (1 rep = 3 points). I definitely made the right decision in sticking with the 35kg. I might have got one or two reps with the 45kg log but knew I could get around 8-9 with the 35kg log. A few of the other girls wasted the first 30 seconds trying and failing to get the 45kg up and then only ended up with four or five good reps on the lighter log.

I got 11 reps in 60 seconds, which was a PR for me! That gave me a total of 22 points, which was the winning score.

Log press video (my video plugin is temperamental, so click on the links if they don’t show up below!)

The next event was due to be farmers walks outside, but at this point it started pouring with rain. It seemed a little bit silly to organise a competition with three outdoor events and no back-up option, relying on the English weather to co-operate. They brought deadlifts up next, and had to come up with a plan for the three remaining events as it did not stop raining for a second all day.

I was actually thankful I went last on this event! The most reps I’d ever done during training was 11 or 12 (too lazy to look back through my notes!), but I always do my AMRAP sets after maxing out. I got to see everyone before me hitting sets of around 15-16.

Again, we had options but the points were awarded slightly differently than the log press: 1 point for every 70kg rep, 3 points for 80kg, and 5 points for 90kg. One woman did 22 reps with 80kg and freaked me out. I could feel myself getting psyched out so I just shut my brain off and stopped counting other people’s reps.

I did 21 reps with 90kg (200lbs) in 60 seconds! Here is the video:

I still can’t really believe that I did that many reps. I’m hoping that my 1RM is a heck of a lot more than 115kg now, haha. I used straps but wouldn’t next time as the right one started slipping. My hammies and butt were pumping out like crazy at the end! I think my form looks pretty damn good for a max rep attempt.

It turns out the woman who went right before me got 23, so thankfully I didn’t count her reps. I lost my first place position at this point as the deadlifts were worth more than the log.

Next up was the tyre flip. This event was so silly! The original event was six reps as fast as possible, travelling forwards. Because we had to do it indoors, we had to do one flip, then run around to the other side and flip again. One of the rules is that we had to put our hands on the tyre to settle it so that it wouldn’t roll it into the audience.

Here I was worried about the fact I hadn’t flipped a tyre in three months, nevermind the fact I had to run around it like a monkey! I still somehow managed to take second on this event despite feeling much slower than some of the others.

Tyre video:

The farmers walks were due to be for max distance outside, but they switched it to a frame hold. They taped two sets of farmers handles together, and we just had to hold it as long as we could. It “only” weighed 80kg – to put it in perspective, I normally practice my holds with 140kg! They really needed to add weight because it was just too easy – it became more about mental endurance than actual strength.

The girl who won this event managed a whopping 3 minutes and 30 seconds! I went second to last. At about 1:45 I started feeling it. I waited until I took second place (after 2 minutes 5 seconds) and then dropped the weight because I knew there was no way I was making it to 3:30! On events like this, you are awarded points for your placement, not your actual time.

The girl who was in first place was the one who beat me at deadlifts and the tyre flip, so I just had to hope she wouldn’t beat me. She only made it to around 1:15, so at this point I was thinking we were about even.

I didn’t film this because it’s a boring event, but here’s a picture:

Farmers hold

The final event was a “sled” pull and push. We were originally supposed to do this with a quad bike, but it broke down. We were then going to pull a tyre outside but couldn’t because of the rain. So they, very creatively taped two tables together and piled weights on top. I’m sure the people they hired the venue from would not have been happy ha!

Like the tyre flip, it’s kind of impossible to know how you placed unless you sit there timing everyone yourself. I honestly had no idea how I went on this event (but I’m thinking I must have won it, or at the least placed second).

Pull and push:

There was a small delay and then we received the results. There were trophies for the top three places so I knew I had at least scored one of those. When they announced the second place winner, and it wasn’t me, I got very excited πŸ™‚

Sure enough, I got my first place trophy! I’m not sure if they will release the exact point breakdown like after my last comp, but I have a feeling it was an easy win (usually, if it’s close, they’ll say it was only one or two points difference between competitors). Even though I didn’t win every event, my consistency across the board seems to have paid off!

Receiving my trophy!

Receiving my trophy!

Everyone at this competition was so amazing and sweet. It was incredible to have fellow competitors telling me that I inspire them and that it was “an honour” to lose to me, and so on. I won’t let my head get too big because I have some serious goals for next year in mind!

Thank you again to everyone for supporting me!

PS. I know I said it after the last comp and didn’t follow through, but this time there will be professional photos to follow!

comp everyone

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