When Pigs Fly 2

When Pigs Fly 2

Hi guys! Two of the people who were due to contribute this week have pulled out at the last minute so it will be a short one. I’m crazy busy as today is my last day at work and we leave for Berlin tomorrow, so I didn’t have time to chase people but wanted to get a post up before I left.

I’ve been training Brandi for more than a year now, and I am proud of how far she’s come both mentally and physically. Her most recent achievement is a 250lb deadlift – I want her to beat me!

Her Instagram account is here, where she posts other cool videos like a 170lb paused squat.

Brandi’s 250lb deadlift:

Nearly two months ago I reached a point in my health where I just wasn’t happy with my body. After years of restricting my diet and exercising with no real plan, I still had yet to shape my physique or make any progress. And even though at one time I was able to diet down to my ideal weight (and with some very unhealthy, disordered thinking and behaviors), recently I just could not seem to lose the last stubborn 5-8lbs no matter how little I ate and how much I exercised. After reading Tara’s damaged metabolism posts something clicked; my body needed to be treated right, once and for all. I knew I had to stop obsessing over magazine bodies and comparing myself to others.  I had to nourish my body with the right kind of food and exercise with purpose. So I decided the time was now and reached out to Tara for an exercise and nutrition plan.

Even though I have been ‘lifting’ weights for years, I must say I really didn’t have much in the way of actual strength or muscle tone. I would mosey into the gym, kill myself on the treadmill for half an hour before doing a random set of weights. I love having structure with the plan Tara created for me. I have almost completed her six week plan and I am already seeing results; not just physique but actual strength gains! Look how far I’ve come in just a few weeks in some of the lifts!

Back squats: week 1- 95lbs, week 6-145lbs
Incline leg press: week 1-110lbs, week 6-140lbs
Bench Press: week 1-40lbs, week 6-75lbs
Deadlift: week 1-95lbs, week 5-155lbs(doing one more set tomorrow and am looking for a new PR!)

It may not seem like much to some, but this is big for me. I have only weighed myself a couple times but have indeed gained a few pounds. While I am not entirely comfortable with this, especially since it feels like more on my small frame, I know that in the long run my body will adjust to this new way of eating and exercise. I have learned it is better for my body to eat and exercise the right way – both with purpose. I am a little impatient when it comes to results, but Tara is so assuring that results will come, and that overall health for life is the main and most important goal! I do struggle sometimes mentally with the weight gain, but remember the strength gains I have made are so worth it! I am looking forward starting another plan next week and seeing more results!

I know, it’s incredibly self-indulgent to feature two of my clients and then myself, but I swear I didn’t plan it this way!

This week I hit two PRs. A 45kg (100lb) log press and a 120kg (265lb) deadlift, the latter of which was caught on camera. I was at the gym with Amber, and she asked if I wanted her to film it. I said no as I tend to crack under the pressure of a PR (in competition, I completely zone out – everyone could be filming me, and I would have no idea) but luckily she ignored me.

I failed it twice and then got it up on my third attempt. I was sharing the platform with three of the strongest people in my gym, which didn’t help my nerves one bit. When I eventually got it up, one of the guys told me it made absolutely no sense. The reason I kept attempting the same weight was because I was failing an inch above the floor, which is not my weak spot, so I knew I would be able to get it up if I just stopped thinking.

It’s probably the ugliest looking deadlift I’ve ever done, but here we go. Sorry the beginning is cut off – I blame Amber 😉

120kg deadlift:

Have you hit any PRs recently? Share in the comments below! 

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