Winter travels

Winter travels

I’m ba-ack! We arrived back in London on Sunday after four days each in Berlin and Copenhagen, but yesterday I started my new job (more on that later!) so didn’t have time to post.

The main reason for this trip was actually practical: Germany and Denmark are two of four places we can both get visas if our UK visa is rejected, so we needed to do some fact-finding. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived I was utterly exhausted from weeks upon weeks of working like a dog so couldn’t be arsed traipsing around looking for jobs. We did cover the basics, like how to get an apartment and bank account, etc.

But most of the trip was spent eating and relaxing. I haven’t had time to read since I was in holiday back in August, so was thrilled to get through a couple of novels.

We had already covered most of the touristy stuff the last time we were in Berlin, so that left time for the important things, like going back to the restaurant where I had the most delicious noodles of my life.


We also had other traditional German favourites such as currywurst, cabbage rolls, meatballs and schnitzel.


cabbage roll

We have a friend who lives in Germany who showed us around. The burger below is why you need to make friends with locals. AMAZING. Best burger of my life. It was beef with blue cheese and bacon, served on an English muffin – a genius idea given that I want to taste the inside of a burger, not the bread. It was served with half a kilo of fries. I was so full, but within about 20 minutes I contemplated getting another one because it was that damn good (locals can find it here).

the bird

And yes, I’m drinking beer in the background (anyone who knows me will think that’s completely weird!). Alcohol is cheaper than juice, Coke, and even water. It’s no surprise that Europeans start drinking at 10am.

Our friend also surprised us with a trip to the Ritter Sport shop in downtown Berlin. It’s like Cold Stone, but with chocolate. You pick three toppings to add to either dark or milk chocolate, and leave it to freeze for 30 minutes.


Not a bad view to enjoy my coffee and book…


When I asked Rob what his highlight of the entire trip was, he said it was sitting in this cafe reading. I don’t know if that makes us lame or what…


There was a fro-yo place across the road from our hotel, so naturally we spent too much time there. Rob hates fro-yo, and even he fell in love with this place! I like how fro-yo is taking over the world now.


I think I had dessert after every single meal, no joke. I just get swept up in the holiday lifestyle πŸ˜‰

berlin crepe

I just realised I never got a picture of the crepes we had in Copenhagen. Damn it!! That’s ruining my photo tradition of getting a crepe on every holiday.

We did go see the Berlin Wall, which we hadn’t seen before. Trying to find that was fun. Walking all over looking for an unmarked wall, and trying not to look like idiots jumping at every wall we see! We walked alongside a massive wall for almost a mile and didn’t want to look like idiots asking for directions, in case that was it (thankfully, it wasn’t).


Next up was Copenhagen. Holy cow, it was cold!! It was roughly the same temperature as Berlin, but with a brutal wind chill. We Β had a carry-on bag each for the week, so I only had one jacket with me (hence why it looks like I’m wearing the same thing in every photo, haha). Wearing a light jacket in Scandinavia was a terrible idea!

Too cold for this!

Too cold for this!

It was damn expensive too. We tried to eat as cheaply as possible, and that meant none of our meals were less than Β£50. This pulled pork sandwich was about Β£20.

pork sanga

And this pot of tea, although pretty, was Β£7.50 (about US$12)!


Neither of us had been to Copenhagen before, so we did a few touristy things like going to museums and looking at souvenirs.

Not technically souvenirs, but funny nonetheless!

Not technically souvenirs, but funny nonetheless!


Picking up the pig paraphernalia!

Picking up the pig paraphernalia!

Going to museums with Rob is always a fun time, haha!

rob horse

museum 2

It is a beautiful city when the freezing wind isn’t blowing in your face. It rivals Amsterdam for most bikes I’ve ever seen! If/when I move out of London, I will definitely feel safe riding a bike again in Europe.


We went to the gym once in Berlin. This was our hotel gym:

gymDire. There was a gym nearby in Copenhagen charging 500 Krone (about US$100) per person per day to work out!! Yeah, no thanks. At least I will be raking it in if I work as a PT in Denmark. I had no desire to work out at all so happily took the time off rather than attempting some lame hotel room workout.

Maybe I should have considering all that eating I did πŸ˜‰

Have you ever been to Berlin or Copenhagen? Where would you rather live?

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