Visa update

Visa update

Hi all! I know I promised you a quick visa update, so here it is… unfortunately it’s not good news.

The lawyer handling my case cocked up and made an error with the job advertisement, meaning we need to re-advertise the position for another 28 days. I will have to submit another application, on February 5. If it is approved, I will know on February 11 and be able to fly out mid-February.

My flight is due to leave this Tuesday, but that makes no sense. I looked at the cost of changing my flight and it was £1000 each way!! This is more than the original cost of both flights, which is crazy. Fortunately the cost of cancelling my flight for a full refund is “only” £200, so that’s what I am going to do. I will wait until the last minute to buy my next flight, to avoid having to go through this nightmare again.


Minus the financial burden, there is no real difference in when I fly out… Except for my time away from Rob. He has to leave on Tuesday no matter what, and he can’t re-enter the country until we have sorted out his visa – which, at the earliest, won’t happen until April.

My salary doesn’t cover rent plus all our bills, so we will be getting rid of our apartment and most of our belongings. I should be out of the country when our lease expires, but then I will be homeless when I return! Thankfully I have already had a few friends offer to take me in but I will have to rent a studio until Rob gets back.

This freaking sucks. I feel like these things always happen to me. Sorry to be a debbie downer but I just wanted to update those of you who hadn’t heard already. I hope you all had a better Christmas than me!

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