2014 Goals

2014 Goals

I am three days behind on talking about my goals for 2014, but better late than never, right?! Last January I wrote out a list of my goals for the year and it was fun to see what I have achieved and what I still need to work on.

Last year’s goals:
Increase strength – hit a 110kg deadlift, 90kg squat, 55kg bench press and five unassisted pull-ups: I remember setting these goals and thinking that they were lofty – never did I imagine surpassing my deadlift goal by 20kg! 90kg was my most recent squat PR, so I can tick that off the list too. Getting hit by a van kinda derailed some of my other goals though… Because of my eye operation, I don’t really feel comfortable benching more than 50kg. I did reach a point where I was hitting four unassisted chin-ups, but got lazy with doing them regularly enough to improve.


Secure a UK visa: Ahhhh. A year later and this is still a work in progress. Just this morning I received some potentially good news about my visa, so hopefully things go to plan and I have my visa in a month or two!

Restore my fertility: My hormones have been up and down this year. I did manage to regulate my menstrual cycle through Paleo and destressing techniques, but my hormones have gone haywire again in the past few months. This really deserves a post in itself.

Continue to travel: Again, my accident got in the way a bit! Rob and I try to travel every 6-8 weeks, but after my operation I wasn’t allowed to fly for a few months. Nevertheless, I still managed to go to Amsterdam, Montenegro, Ibiza, Berlin and Copenhagen in 2013.

Move house: Check! Unfortunately, I will have to move out next month until the visa situation is sorted.

Dance at least once, but preferably twice a week: Check! I have been consistent with going weekly, but it’s too time-consuming to travel into central London during the week as well.

Practice yoga at least twice per week: Um…. major fail. I can’t even remember the last time I did yoga.

Learn to meditate: Half points. I don’t do it every day, but I try to take a couple of minutes either at work or before bed to meditate.

Be more social during the week: Definitely made an improvement on this from last year! I’ve had a friend date almost every week for the past few months. I’ve become much better at finding a work/life balance and learnt that the world doesn’t end if I don’t reply to an email right this second.

Continue to read regularly: Another huge improvement! Now that I’m commuting 45 minutes each way to work, I’m churning through books.

Get published as a fitness writer: Nope. I knew this goal was ambitious! I’ve had so much going on this year I honestly haven’t had time to focus on this at all, but it’s an ongoing dream.

Prepare for a photoshoot: LOLZ. Does this one count?


Coach someone else through a competition: This was originally talking about a bodybuilding competition. I did have a few girls ask me to do their contest prep, but I declined as it didn’t feel right to coach someone through something I hadn’t done myself. That said, I have now coached a few guys and girls through powerlifting and strongman comps, which I think is a lot more fun 😉

Goals for 2014:
Get strong(er):
I shudder to think of the day where this isn’t on my list. I hesitate to put a number on my deadlift because it’s hard to predict my progress at the moment, but I’d like to pull 140kg (308lbs) by the end of the year. I know I have a lot more in me when it comes to my squat, so I’m not afraid of aiming for 110kg (242lbs). I don’t really bench anymore, but I would love to get a 55kg log press by December.


Work on mobility: I’ve had to go through a lot of knee rehab since my accident and things seem to be getting worse lately, which is affecting my squat most of all. I need to dedicate more time to foam rolling and stretching, especially of my hip flexors and back. I’m currently doing about 15 minutes on the days I lift, but I would like to do an additional 15 minutes at the end of each day – including rest days.

Compete! I’m hoping to enter another strongwoman competition in the summer, once I have a bit more training under my belt and less visa-induced stress to deal with.

Become more of an all-round athlete: I have a tendency to focus on the exercises I enjoy, such as log pressing and deadlifts. Consequently, I have seen huge progress in both of these lifts. Because of the aforementioned reasons, I hate squatting. I also skip my conditioning frequently, but it’s important to focus on all aspects of this sport. More event training and squatting is needed in 2014!

More travel: I think this is one thing that will also always be on my list. This year (provided we stay in the UK!) I want to see Rome, Barcelona and Prague. I will be going to Canada in March regardless of what happens with my visa.

I would go back to Berlin just for this burger!

I would go back to Berlin just for this burger!

Design Sweat like a Pig clothing! You guys have been asking for this for a long time, but I’ve been waiting until I had a logo designed. This has seriously been six months in the making, so I need to crack the whip and get the design finished.

Share more lifting videos: I would like to share more videos of my training, and possibly even me speaking (how terrifying!), so now that I have a steady supply of lifting buddies, I can get them to help me 😉

Write an ebook: This is probably the scariest goal, but a lot of you have been asking me to write more about metabolic damage – and it seems to be my most popular subject. I am thinking of putting together an ebook on the subject, but again it will be later in the year when I have more time and certainty.

Get my hubby home ASAP! All my focus is currently on doing everything I can to speed up the process to get Rob home.

What is your biggest goal for 2014?

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