EasyGo Dispenser Review

EasyGo Dispenser Review

Recently I was kindly sent an EasyGo Dispenser from across the pond, which is the world’s first protein dispenser. Towards the end of 2012 I stopped having protein powder altogether but I recently re-introduced it after events training on Saturday mornings, when I’m too nauseous for actual food but need some fuel before dance class. Occasionally I will also have a shake on the nights after training where I know I won’t be eating a solid meal for a while.

The first time I tried using this dispenser was with one of my lifting partners. Thankfully, she also had no idea how to use this product so we both made idiots of ourselves (kind of a theme with us lately, haha). We tried it on New Year’s Eve after we had done a huge bro workout and needed to avoid muscular atrophy/losing our sick pump before eating dinner a couple of hours later.

Lesson one: I should never assume anything is simple and always read the instructions. I’m using stock photos as we don’t need to see the huge mess we made in my kitchen! The name of the product should have made me realise that it was in fact a dispenser and not a shaker, but I hadn’t looked at it properly beforehand.


I have used a Smart Shaker before so I incorrectly assumed that the liquid was stored in the bottom while the powder went in the top, but it’s actually the other way around. Oops. You can store a significant amount of protein powder in the bottom compartment, and then you twist the top to dispense the equivalent of half a scoop. You then tip that into another separate protein shaker or water bottle.

To be honest, when I realised what the product actually does I was a bit disappointed. It’s quite hefty and if you need to carry another shaker with you, then what’s the point? It doesn’t help that I have a mini tub of protein powder at home too so it’s almost as easy to just carry that around with me.

Where the product could come in handy is for athletes. A lot of the tennis players I work with need protein (or pure carbohydrate powder) multiple times per day, so this would make storage more convenient on the go. It’s also a great product for mothers, as you can store an entire’s day’s worth of baby formula in the device, and then dispense it as you go.



The actual device itself is quite sturdy and I can’t see it breaking down in the way a regular protein shaker tends to do. Provided you put the powder and liquid in the right way (hehe), it is completely mess-free. Because of the precise measuring system, you don’t need to carry around scoops or measuring cups with you.

I will keep it in my competition bag for the days I need multiple servings of protein powder! For more information, check out their website.

Full disclosure: I received the EasyGo Dispenser for free. As always, opinions are honest and my own.

Would you ever try the EasyGo Dispenser?

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