A whirlwind few days

A whirlwind few days

I wasn’t expecting to blog today, but for some stupid reason I woke up at 4.45am… despite not getting to sleep until 1am and averaging only five hours sleep for the three nights before that. I have been so stressed trying to pack/get rid of everything and clean the house before I leave for Australia in a few short hours!

Everything is finally done and I am sitting in my empty and spotless apartment. I feel like a hermit. I spent most of the past four days inside, breaking only to go to the gym and briefly to work yesterday to dump all my belongings, and I’ve lost all concept of day and time.

But never too busy for Flex Friday... even if I'm in my pyjamas!

But never too busy for Flex Friday… even if I’m in my pyjamas!

I realised I have a lot of clothes that still have the tags on (mostly dresses for the fantasy life I lead where I don’t live in gym clothes). I kept these two thanks to your feedback on Instagram!

dresses packing

I never normally sleep on planes, but I’m hoping that I crash hard for at least part of the 24 hour flight. It sounds crazy but I’m so looking forward to being up in the air with nothing to do but read, watch movies, eat and hopefully sleep. I’m not a drinker but I may just have to have a glass of wine!

I realised I have to be ‘bikini ready’ in 2 days. The beauty of strongman training is that I never have to worry about dieting again – unless I want to cut to the 63kg weight division. HA.

tummy shot

Not too shabby for eating like a pig

I enjoyed finishing off all the delicious food in my house instead.

Best ice cream ever!

Best ice cream ever!

Despite all the stress of last week, I still managed to get to the gym every single day but Saturday. I think I burnt more calories on Saturday than I ever have in my whole life – literally running all over the place to drop off bags, pick up parcels, gardening and doing most of the packing that day.

Sadly, my workouts were nothing exciting. As you may recall, I hurt my back last Sunday picking up a bar, so I took the week off. I could have skipped the gym completely but I would have driven myself crazy not leaving the house. Monday through Friday I simply went in to foam roll and do some mobility drills, with a few machine exercises and upper body exercises thrown in for fun on a couple of days.

On Monday, it was my birthday so one of my training buddies and I celebrated with Nandos and unlimited chocolate fro-yo.

bday nandos

In the first half of the week, I could not stop eating. I would eat a huge meal and then be hungry an hour later, despite not training! I actually thought something was wrong with me. Towards the end of the week, my appetite completely disappeared. I was so stressed I often forgot to eat. Perhaps my body knew that was coming?

On Sunday I tested the waters by lifting an atlas stone. I lifted the lightest one at my gym (53kg) five or six times. I was dying to go heavier but controlled myself, instead practicing getting the stone on my shoulder and then letting go with one hand (building up a nice cauliflower ear in the process, ha!), which is the hardest core exercise ever.

Stone workout fuelled by burgers!

Stone workout fuelled by burgers!

Last night I did one final bro workout with my training buddy. We of course had to go for one final meal at GBK, meaning I had a burger two days in a row. OM.

gbk feb17

I will probably take the rest of this week off, as the next two days are spent in the air, and then Thursday is my visa appointment day (and I will be jet-lagged as hell, no doubt).

For those of you that asked, yes, I will be doing programs while I am away – just let me settle in. Should be up and running by the weekend.

Speak to you all again soon when I’m on the other side of the world!

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