Safe in Perth

Safe in Perth

Hi everyone! I just wanted to quickly pop in (I seem to be doing that a lot, haha) to say that I have arrived safely in Perth. I had my final visa appointment yesterday, and my application is on its way to Manila as we speak. Now I just have to sit back for the next 2-3 weeks until they make their decision.

I arrived to 37 degree (about 100F) heat, and it will be like that for the next 10 days. I bared my transparent body on the beach this morning, so hopefully I get a tan quickly. I’m meeting up with some old friends tonight. I’m sure the next few weeks will pass quickly and be a nice break.

I have no jet lag whatsoever. The flight was 22 hours yet I didn’t sleep a wink, despite having not one but two empty seats next to me during the first leg. I just can’t sleep on planes. I watched a lot of movies (including a scary one where I jumped out of my seat and scared the crap out of the people sitting next to me, ha!) and I read. It felt so nice to do nothing and relax for the first time in a week!

Oh and they have a 24 hour Pinkberry at Dubai airport, so I got to enjoy some chocolate fro-yo at 2am 🙂 I ate as much food as they would give me on the plane, but it wasn’t enough and I ran out of snacks. Who are these people who write diet tips about not eating at all on planes?! My stomach was rumbling almost the entire time.


Given I didn’t sleep much in the days leading up to the flight either, I was able to jump straight in to Perth time and haven’t had a single moment of jet lag. Winning!

I have found two awesome strongman gyms to train at. I’m going to check one out tomorrow. Hopefully my back is completely healed so I don’t embarrass myself in front of anyone.

It’s nice being back in Perth. I forgot how laidback everyone is. Unlike in London where everyone barges into you and purposely avoids making eye contact, here everyone wants to chat to you. I also drove in ‘rush hour’ yesterday, which was laughable. It was the first time I’ve driven a car in three years!

I also forgot how expensive everything is. Yesterday I had an omelette and vitamin water for lunch at a cafe, for $21! And then I went to the grocery store and imagined myself starving for the next few weeks as I paid $4 for an avocado, $2.50 for a single red pepper and $20 for three chicken breasts.

My mum doesn’t have wi-fi (is this real life?!) so my posting for the next few weeks will be sporadic, although I am still working and writing programs as normal. I will be in full social media withdrawal as I can’t go on Instagram unless I find wi-fi, which isn’t exactly easy in this town. I don’t know how I’m going to survive without a daily selfie…

perth day one

What are your tricks for avoiding jet lag? Can you sleep on planes?

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