Trucking along

Trucking along

Hi all! Sorry my posts are so boring lately – there’s not much to report. I’m keeping busy in Perth going out almost every day and night, hitting the beach, reliving the glory days in all my favourite clubs and even going to strip shows! My glute is still bothering me, but I’m finally getting it looked at on Thursday. I haven’t been able to squat or deadlift in four weeks – it’s utter misery.

I have been training the heck out of my upper body, with four workouts a week. Log pressing doesn’t bother me (so long as I don’t start from the floor) so I have been doing a LOT of that, along with push presses, bench presses and dumbbell presses. As for training my back, I can do chin ups, machine exercises, T bar rows and dumbbell rows with no pain. And plenty of bro exercises, of course.

Training at the gym is pretty awesome, as I’m usually the only person in there. Today there was a guy there squatting 340kg. I felt small.

This is the 'cardio area' at the gym... awesome!

This is the ‘cardio area’ at the gym… awesome!

I once again got a little overly optimistic about the state of my glute last week and pushed it too far. I did a light events-type class at the gym on Thursday night. We did sled pulls and drags, prowler pushes, farmers walks, tyre flips and a whole bunch of ab exercises.

The only thing I skipped were tyre flips and ab wheel roll outs. I did attempt to flip the baby tyre but felt my back go straight away, so stayed away. We did three circuits and I felt completely fine up until the last round, when my back/glute started feeling a bit tired. I didn’t panic as it wasn’t a shooting pain, until I got home and could barely walk 🙁 I had work to do and I couldn’t even sit at the table – I had to lie on the floor. I literally had to crawl to bed because I couldn’t sit and stand up again.

I went to bed in tears as I started getting really worried about my upcoming competition, but I haven’t felt any pain since then. We’ll see what the physio says in two days. I’m just avoiding all kinds of lower body exercises until then to be safe.

Speaking of competitions, all four of my training buddies competed in Britain’s Strongest Woman this past Saturday! They all did awesome, as I knew they would. I was very sad to not be there with them (and jealous of the food they ate!), but I will hopefully be back in time for the next one. Emma-Lee wrote a recap on her blog so you should go read it!

In other news, I’m convinced I’m shrinking. Maybe it’s just muscle loss from not training legs, or the fact I’m sweating like crazy all day long, but I feel leaner. Or maybe it’s just because I’m constantly running around in minimal clothing.

bikini selfieAnd that is despite eating ‘junk’ food every day and drinking for the first time in ages. Maybe this is the secret to true fitness 😉

beach food

I think it’s all the cardio (dancing!) I’ve been doing, haha. Here is the only PG picture I have of my night with the strippers… of course I’m flexing!


Still no news on the visa front but I should find out by the end of the week!

Have you ever had to train around an injury?

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