Exciting news!

Exciting news!

I wasn’t planning on blogging today as I have absolutely no free time whatsoever, but I just found out some very exciting news… I got my visa! My passport has been dispatched from the Philippines and I should have it on Wednesday or Thursday, just in the nick of time for my Thursday evening flight back to London.

I won’t lie – I was starting to panic. If I didn’t hear back from the visa office by Monday, I would have had to cancel my flight yet again.

I will arrive back in London on Friday morning, just in time for Britain’s Strongest Man on Saturday and Emma-Lee’s comp on Sunday and birthday on Monday. I’m very excited!

I am no longer homeless, as I have found someone to stay with for a few weeks until I get a flat sorted out. I can’t wait to get back to London and get on with my life… although a part of me was secretly hoping I would have to cancel my flight and spend another week in sunny Perth 😉


The other exciting news is that I finally saw a physio yesterday, and I haven’t injured myself! The problem I’m having is a side effect from my accident. When I squat or get into the bottom position of a deadlift, the left side of my pelvis is “stuck”. My right side rotates as normal, but my left stays put. Hence why the strain was initially aggravated by box squats – when I sat in the bottom position, all the weight would have pressed unnaturally into my spine.

The physio said I can lift almost as normal. It may be painful but I won’t do any serious damage by lifting light to moderate weights. My glute is like a rock, so I need to spend even more time doing self-myofascial release, stretching and having more regular glute massages (score!).

The next six days are going to be hectic as anything as I say goodbye to everyone, so I have no idea when I will actually be able to get to the gym to test out my glutes. Anyway, I have to run as I am on my way to dinner, followed by a cabaret show, followed by dancing all night!

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