Competition after competition

Competition after competition

I am back in London, hopefully for ever! My flight was non-eventful. I was so exhausted from going out so much that I actually managed to sleep about five hours on the plane, which is unheard of for me. Unfortunately, during my second flight, I was stuck next to a guy with the worst BO ever. I had to turn my head and breathe into my blanket for the entire nine hour flight (thank god it was during the short flight!).

Anyway, I landed on Friday at noon London time. Despite being awake since midnight the previous night, I managed to stay awake until 1.30am. I then had a jam packed weekend of attending strongman competitions! Despite all this, I once again managed to escape any form of jetlag. Thankfully the weather in London is gorgeous so it made the transition bearable… although it’s a little premature to be busting out the summer dresses!


I trained on Tuesday and Wednesday, testing out my legs once again with some squats and deadlifts. It was my first time deadlifting from the floor in six weeks so I kept it below 50% with five sets of five at 60kg. I also squatted five sets of five at 50kg, and threw in some 100kg walk outs for fun. Thankfully I experienced no pain whatsoever!

When I landed in London, I ran some errands (like buying a new phone, because my other one was destroyed by water – sob!) and then headed to the gym. I did 50kg bent over rows, 60kg straight legged deadlifts, chin ups and some cable and dumbbell rows. I finished with three sets of bicep curls and had the worst DOMS ever for two days afterwards. Weak.


My grip kept failing during deadlifts. I haven’t done any grip work for six weeks, as I haven’t been able to pick anything up from the floor. It was super embarrassing not to be able to hold on to 60kg for more than eight reps. The barbell fell out of my hands a few times and I cursed like a truck driver – I’m sure my gym loved having me back! My forearms have been killing ever since. Again, it’s very embarrassing considering I can usually lift more than that in each hand.

On Saturday, I was up bright and early to drive to Doncaster (four hours away) to watch Britain’s Strongest Man with my training buddies. Last week, I slept a grand total of 32 hours (which is even worse considering I experienced Thursday twice because of the time difference) but I think I was able to escape feeling tired as I was running around so much. When we were sitting watching the comp, I started feeling super sleepy and I fell asleep in the car ride home!


We were there primarily supporting reigning champion Laurence Shahlaei (who we had an epic training session with back in January) but sadly he placed third behind Eddie Hall and Graham Hicks.

Terry Hollands and Laurence Shahlaei

Terry Hollands and Laurence Shahlaei

Nevertheless, it was awesome to watch a bunch of big, sexy men lifting crazy heavy weights. We ended up nabbing amazing seats right in front of the athlete area, so we got to perve on the men while they walked around shirtless.


The events were a 150kg (per hand) farmers walk into a 200kg duck walk, 150kg log press for max reps, 340kg deadlift for max reps, 100kg circus dumbbell press for max reps, 300kg Conan’s wheel and a loading medley with four objects weighing 120kg.

Sexy Terry Hollands with the Conan wheel

Sexy Terry Hollands with the Conan’s wheel

As if that wasn’t enough to motivate me to compete, I spent seven hours at London’s Strongest Novice comp on Sunday. Emma-Lee was competing in her second comp and I was excited to actually be there for this one! She did awesome and placed third. There were a couple of other people from my gym competing as well, so we had quite the support crew there. It ended up being another late night so I still haven’t caught up on sleep!


Watching other people compete fires me up so much. I can’t wait to compete again – six months between comps is excruciating! My coach was there and we spent a lot of time talking about my next comp. I am due to compete in the England’s Strong Women qualifier on April 25, but we are going to give it two more weeks to see how my glute is holding up. If I’m not back to regular strength by then, I will drop out as I will have to deadlift 110kg for reps and do 60kg farmers walks – not too heavy but considering that’s how I hurt myself most recently, I’m a little wary.

There is a comp on June 7 I really want to do, so I’d rather hold out for that and know that I’m completely healed. The events are freaking awesome, even though the weights have not been announced yet:

1) Truck Pull – Harness and rope in 75 seconds
2) Car Deadlift – Reps in 60 seconds
3) Barrel Throw – Six identical barrels graduated in weight in 60 seconds
4) Husafel Stone Carry – Max distance in 75 seconds, once dropped no pickup
5) Overhead Medley – four implements in 60 seconds
6) Atlas Stones – between 40 and 160kg dependent on weight class in 60 seconds

I’m staying with a client of mine who lives directly across the road from my gym. I have no excuse to skip a workout now! Her house is stunning, and I am in love with the guest bathroom. Lots of epsom salt baths to be had!



There's also a rainfall shower... love!

There’s also a rainfall shower… love!

Have you ever been to a strongman competition?

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