Four days out!

Four days out!

I can’t believe my competition is this Saturday! It’s snuck up so quickly – it feels like just yesterday I made the decision to actually sign up (the events list is in that post).

The competition is a qualifier for England’s Strongest Woman. The first qualifier was two days ago. I watched a few of the videos from that comp and, as always, it scared the pants off me! The woman who won my weight class did 19 (!!!) squats with 90kg in 60 seconds. Thank goodness I don’t have to squat in my comp, or that would have been the embarrassment of the century.

The competition is in Watford, less than an hour away. We’re going by car which is nice as weigh-ins are from 8.30am, and I would not be keen on getting the train at the crack of dawn!

Last week’s training was so-so. We had a lot of short, easy workouts and I had three full rest days as planned. I started coming down with a cold in the middle of last week, but it seems to be on its way out (fingers crossed!). I still managed to hit a couple of rep PRs so can’t complain too much!

Monday – Legs
Back squats: 20kg x 10, 10, 40kg x 5, 50kg x 5, 60kg x 5, 5, 65kg x 5
Step ups with 16kg dumbbells: 10 x 3
Cable pull-throughs: 45kg x 15 x 4

I didn’t want to go heavy and risk hurting my glute again so close to the comp, so we kept it light. The whole workout only took us about 45 minutes.

Wednesday – Pressing
Narrow log press: 30kg x 8, 8, 35kg x 5, 40kg x 5, 45kg x 1
Max reps in 60 seconds with 45kg narrow log: 6, 5
Wide log press (max reps in 60 seconds): 40kg x 6, 7
Seated dumbbell press: 14kg x 10, 9, 7, 8
Prone incline rows: 11.5kg x 15, 12, 12, 12
Sprints: 50m x 20

This was the first time I’ve ever done 6 reps with the 45kg log, so I was pretty happy with that. I had time for the seventh rep but missed it as I lost my technique. My shoulders were feeling strong and everything was flying up, despite feeling a bit sick – hopefully that’s how I feel on comp day!

I also did my last proper conditioning session pre-comp. The weather has been so nice for sprints in the park lately and, dare I say it, I’ve been enjoying a little cardio!

I hate forcing food down when I'm sick!

I hate forcing food down when I’m sick!

Thursday – Deadlifts
Deadlifts: 50kg x 8, 60kg x 5, 70kg x 5, 80kg x 5, 90kg x 3, 100kg x 1, 110kg x 1, 110kg x 5 (max reps in 60 seconds)
Bent over row: 50kg x 12 x 4
Lat pulldown: 40kg x 15, 50kg x 12 x 3
Farmers holds: 33kg x 20 secs, 53kg x 20 secs, 63kg x 20 secs, 68kg x 34 secs

I’ve never hit five reps with 110kg before, so that was another PR. I was holding back slightly as my left upper back has been in knots lately and I’m wary about going all-out with deadlift reps outside of the actual competition.

My grip strength majorly sucks – I know where I need to focus my attention post-comp. Thankfully, I don’t have any grip events in my next comp though.

Sunday – Pressing
Narrow log press: 30kg x 8, 8, 35kg x 5, 40kg x 5, 45kg x 1, 5 (max reps in 60 seconds)
Band-resisted push press: 20kg x 8, 8, 25kg x 5, 5, 27.5kg x 5, 5
Barbell lock outs: 30kg x 8, 35kg x 5, 5, 5

My Sunday workouts have been terrible of late as I’ve been going out on Saturday nights. Oops. It was totally worth it though, as I went for an amazing French dinner on Saturday night followed by the theatre production of The Drowned Man. It’s an immersive show, which means the audience members walk around a huge four level warehouse (apparently the place can hold 600 people) while a large cast performs. It’s confusing as hell to try to follow the story but it’s a must-see experience!

The audience members all wear white masks to distinguish themselves from the actors. I got in trouble a couple of times for taking mine off, but it was bloody hot in there!

Friday night I went to a new burger place, Tommi’s Burger Joint, in Chelsea. It was kinda average and not photograph-worthy. On Sunday night, I made up for it with another amazing meal at Hawksmoor. It figures that I go to the most famous steak restaurant in London and eat a roast. It was epic though. Spending less time training means I have a lot more time for socialising, fancy that.


I also went shopping with the training buddies on Friday and bought a new dress and two pairs of shoes!


I am in love with these shoes

I am in love with these shoes

I was also given this lovely dress from All Saints as a gift. It was a great weekend for my wardrobe! OK, I will stop now before I turn this into a fashion blog 😉


This week I have two light, full body sessions planned. I am having a 90 minute sports massage tomorrow and will be stretching and foam rolling every night. I am also in the process of eating absolutely everything and anything in a last ditch attempt to bulk up to 74.9kg.

Hopefully next week’s check-in will be full of good news!

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