Gaining weight is fun

Gaining weight is fun

I was going to write something useful today but all I can think about is my competition tomorrow! A few nights ago I stupidly Facebook stalked the ladies I’m up against – one is Laurence Shahlaei’s sister-in-law, another I recently saw win a competition in London, and another is a rugby player. Just slightly intimidating. I don’t need to win – I just need a top four finish to qualify. Thankfully I will have a couple of people in my support crew in charge of calming me down!

The best part of the past two weeks has been eating all the food. I compete in the Under 75kg weight class, but I usually sit around 72kg, meaning that I do my best to get as close to the weight limit as possible (as that gives me a weight advantage).

I am very lucky that this is the case as most people have to cut weight before a competition, like my poor training partner who has been dieting while watching me stuff my face. It’s not all fun and games – I am toying with the idea of cutting to 65kg for a competition which doesn’t have a 75kg division in August but we will see as that’s a significant amount of weight for me to lose (I can probably get to 67-68kg and lose the rest by water manipulation).

Having been through this experience a few times now, I still maintain that those who claim they can’t gain weight are full of BS. I have gained 3kg in two weeks while hardly trying. I eat a lot to begin with, so I have just been eating more calorie-dense foods. Two weeks ago, I added oats back into my diet. I have been having 1-1.5 cups in the morning, which is usually two full bowls worth, as well as my usual three eggs plus a few tablespoons of Nutella.

Four chicken breasts for lunch, anyone?

Four chicken breasts for lunch, anyone?

I have been eating carbs with every meal, and eating even bigger portions than usual. I’ve been eating out almost every day, which certainly helps with weight gain! And I’ve been heffing down the desserts like no tomorrow. In the past week alone, I have gone through three chocolate tarts, one frozen yoghurt, one block of sea salt Lindt, one block of plain dark chocolate, one entire box of Lindt balls, one jar of Nutella and two Creme eggs. I’ve also been taking in more liquid calories in the form of frappuccinos, juices and protein shakes. Oh and slathering butter and cheese on everything helps.

This is embarrassing but not only have I been eating my dinners out of salad bowls, I am often having two helpings!

salad bowl

I’ve been having almost too much fun eating to gain weight – last night I weighed 74.8kg. Thankfully this morning I only weighed 73.7kg so I could go ahead with my huge day of eating as planned. I just did a major stock up at the grocery store for tonight and tomorrow.

comp haul

Tonight I will be having quinoa pasta with meat, a garlic ciabatta loaf and an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup (my absolute favourite!). This is all after a huge breakfast and lunch with three hot chocolates. I am actually almost at the point where I am sick of eating. I was halfway through my lunch yesterday and groaned at the idea of stuffing more food down. It’s a tough life but someone has to do it!

Lunch today was eggs benedict with chorizo and a side of potatoes (because you can never have too many carbs!), and a hot chocolate with marshmallows.


I’m going to make an extra portion of pasta to take with me tomorrow, and I will prepare four bagels with bacon and eggs. I will have one as a light breakfast before I weigh in, and then I will stuff my face with more. I’ve also stocked up on a box of Creme Eggs,  my beloved yoghurt-covered raisins, iced coffee, coconut waters and a protein shake.


I have to admit it is fun purposely trying to gain weight and being able to eat whatever with no repercussions. Last week I felt so uncomfortably bloated (likely because I had reintroduced oats for the first time in 18 months!) but I am used to it now. Some of my clothes are a little tighter but it’s only a temporary thing so nothing to freak out over.

The only thing that sucks is having to weigh myself religiously. In my off-season, I weighed myself once every three weeks or so to make sure I hadn’t gone over my weight class, but in the past two weeks I’ve weighed myself almost every day. What weighing yourself does teach you is that your body can have huge fluctuations for no apparent reason! As I mentioned last week, I had a 2.5kg fluctuation in three days. I can eat a huge meal and feel bloated, yet weigh less than I did that morning, and on days I feel lean and mean I can actually weigh more.

After this comp, I will probably naturally drop back to 72 or 73kg as I won’t be eating so much junk. My next comp is just six weeks away (and that’s a whole new panic in itself as I have never trained half of the events!) so I will likely bulk up in the final two weeks again. That will give me two months to cut weight for this 65kg comp if need be.

I have declined a party invitation tonight and will instead take a bubble bath, prep my food and have a Girls marathon in bed. I’m moving into my new flat on Sunday so I also need to pack! I am getting picked up at 7.30 tomorrow morning – it’s go time!

Have you ever tried to gain weight on purpose? What foods did you rely on?

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