I qualified!

I qualified!

Thank you all so much for the good luck wishes for my competition on Saturday! The good news is I placed second and qualified for the final of the England Strong Woman Championship in September. Before you get too excited, I qualified just by showing up as half of the ladies did a no-show. There were only three women in my division which was a bit deflating, and unfair to my poor training partner who was up against seven.

Me and Em <3

Me and Em <3

Rather than just cruising through the competition knowing that I had already qualified, I wanted to give it my all and use the opportunity to compete against myself. Knowing who I am going up against in September terrifies me, so I need to get my head in the right space so it’s not a complete humiliation.

One of the women that did show up was the one my coach told me I had no chance of beating (gee, thanks coach!). I managed to win one event (I was told I had won two but the official results tell a different story!), came last on deadlifts and second on everything else. I made quite a few errors but it’s all a good learning experience.

With my medal!

With my medal!

The log press was up first. When I warmed up, I cleaned the empty (33kg) log and it felt super awkward. The log itself was thicker and the handles were wider than what I’d been practising with. During the actual event, I barely used my legs which has been an ongoing problem of mine. I found the position of the log so heavy on my chest that I felt like I was going to fall over if I actually used my legs (you can see that I stumble on just the second rep).

log press

I hit six reps, which equalled my best attempt in training. I should not have failed that seventh rep, but it didn’t really matter as the woman who won got nine!

45kg (100lb) log press

Deadlifts were up next. I was dreading this event the most. I think I went in with the wrong headspace, focusing on how heavy the weight was and how I was never going to do well. Sure enough, I lost this event (only by one rep). It was my worst form ever and my back is aching from it, but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do! It makes me wince to watch those last two grinder reps.

So sexy!

So sexy!

I paused at the bottom of one of the reps because I’d had a red flashing light in my eye, and I was convinced I had burst a blood vessel but it was all good. I also snotted everywhere on one of the reps, and let’s not even talk about my sexy deadlifting face!

110kg (242lb) deadlift

During the sled pull, my plait (which earned me the nickname Lara Croft on the day, haha!) got caught in my newish ear piercing – which hurt and distracted me. I dropped the rope twice which cost me first place as I only lost by two seconds.

sled drag

90kg (200lb) prowler pull/drag

I thought the farmers handles were quite low so I was nervous about the pick-ups going into this event, but this is the one I actually won! It’s funny how when you’re doing it you feel like you’re flying, but watching it back I’m actually quite slow.

Farmers walks with 60kg (132lb) each hand

The final event was a loading medley, which is my favourite. On the day I was told that I had won this event, but when I saw the official results today it looks like I came second. I am irrationally upset about this, even though I shouldn’t be! I fumbled the final pick-up which again cost me the victory as I lost by half a second.

Loading medley

All in all it was a good day and it felt good to compete again after such a long break. I know strength needs to continue to be my number one priority as I am weak in pressing and deadlifting, even against the ladies in the lower weight class!

I was so full from having eaten so much in the lead up to the comp (I had 300g of carbs at dinner on Friday night!) that I went for a “healthy” pizza afterwards. I also had three Creme Eggs, because it would be a crime not to have dessert.



My next comp is less than six weeks away so I don’t have much time to rest. I anticipate being back in the gym on Wednesday. They have changed one event from a badass truck pull to a boring van pull. Boo. I am yet to practice any kind of vehicle pull so I shouldn’t complain, really. I also haven’t practiced the Husafel stone carry or keg toss, and I desperately need more atlas stone and trap bar deadlift practice. Let’s do this thing!

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