An unusual training week

An unusual training week

Thanks for all your great feedback on my Paleo post! I love hearing some of the negative stories out there, because they are rarely talked about, but I always worry about posting things like that and coming across as flaky.

Last week I didn’t do any events training, and will probably only fit one more session in before my comp as I only have two weeks of training left. Eek!

Monday – Squats
Back squats: 20kg x 8, 8, 40kg x 5, 50kg x 5, 60kg x 5, 65kg x 5, 70kg x 5, 75kg x 3, 80kg x 1
Step ups holding 16kg dumbbells: 10 x 3
Pull-throughs: 55kg x 12 x 3

I had a PT client who arrived 30 minutes early for our session (!) so I didn’t finish my workout. It was probably a good thing as I didn’t want to get too sore before deadlifts on Thursday.

I also decided to stop being a baby and squat some heavier weights for once. I was reading an old post of mine the other day, where I mentioned squatting 70kg for five reps almost two years ago. As if! I can only imagine how shitty my form must have been. At least I definitely know I’m now hitting full depth, as I’ve spent so much bloody time doing rehab. I recently saw a female bodybuilder post a squatting video on Instagram, bragging about ass to grass being the only way to squat but not even hitting parallel – do these people even know what ATG means?!

Tuesday – Pressing
Barbell clean and press: 20kg x 8, 30kg x 5, 35kg x 5, 40kg x 5, 5, 40kg x 11 (max reps in 60 seconds), 45kg x 3, 3
Wide log press: 40kg x 3, 5, 45kg x 3, 3
Seated DB shoulder press: 11.5kg x 15, 12, 12, 12
Rope pushdown: 25kg x 15, 28kg x 15, 32kg x 12, 12

The gym was unbearably hot and I was wearing a long sleeve shirt for pressing, to prevent bruising. As if the heat wasn’t enough to kill my cardio mojo, I also screwed up the time-keeping so I probably could have squeezed out one more rep.

I don’t normally train on Tuesdays but I was filming a dance video on Wednesday night in a back alley in central London. I will post the video when it’s ready! We were dancing on a really uneven surface where we had to do lots of turns and slut drops (google is your friend) and it really messed up my knees – today is the first day they stopped hurting. I told my dance teacher that my coach would kill her if I injured myself three weeks out of competition by dancing on the road!

A sneak peek!

A sneak peek!

Thursday – Deadlifts
Trap bar deadlifts: 55kg x 5, 75kg x 5, 95kg x 5, 115kg x 3, 120kg x 3, 3
Conventional deadlifts: 60kg x 5, 70kg x 5, 80kg x 5, 8
Bent over barbell rows: 40kg x 15 x 4
Partial squats: 60kg x 8, 80kg x 8, 100kg x 8, 110kg x 8, 120kg x 8
Banded hip thrusts: 20 x 3

Deadlifts felt much heavier than last week. When I struggled on 95kg, I knew it was going to be a tough session. I was bloated for no apparent reason, so deadlifting with a belt on was not pleasant. At least I matched the reps from the previous week. My back was hurting and I was worried about a glute niggle, so I didn’t push the rows or hip thrusts.

Our coach asked us to do partial squats to prepare for the van pull event. I wanted to wear a t-shirt stating “my coach made me do this” so no-one would judge me for quarter squatting. I only had the balls to do this because Em was with me. I can definitely see why people do it though: squatting 120kg for eight reps was freakin’ awesome, even if I only moved the bar a couple of inches!

I finally bought one of those “sweat like a pig, look like a fox” shirts so we had to take a post-deadlift selfie. Em is rocking a lovely unicorn farting rainbows number.


Afterwards, I had the new flavour of the month from GBK, the Blazing Sombrero. It has beef, smoked cheddar, chorizo relish and tortilla chips in, and it is damn good.


Friday – Randomness
Bench press: 20kg x 10, 30kg x 5, 40kg x 5, 5, 5
Skull crushers: 20kg x 15, 15, 15, 15
Rope pushdowns: 25kg x 20, 32kg x 12 x 4

I don’t normally train on Fridays either, but I was in the gym anyway to see a client so I thought I would do a short accessory workout. I can’t even remember the last time I benched. I hate it! My back was tight from the previous night, so I couldn’t set up properly, and my right elbow and wrist were giving me grief so I didn’t go too heavy.

I also had the urge to do sprints as it was so nice outside, but then I reminded myself not to be stupid and overdo the cardio with a bad knee.

Saturday – Cardio overload
I did about six hours of cardio on Saturday. The tube was down, so I had to walk much further than normal to get the overground train and then I walked all over the city. London had a heatwave on the weekend – I don’t think I’ve ever sweat so much in a dance class before. I felt like I lost about 3kg in a single day, so I made up for it by eating about 6000 calories.

I do have to stop being such a porker because I’m sitting right at 75kg, and don’t want to have to stress about making weight in three weeks. I won’t do anything crazy but maybe cut back on the whole two-desserts-a-day thing.

I made homemade chocolate almond butter not once but twice. Definitely can’t lose weight with this in the house!


Sunday – Pressing
Barbell clean and press: 30kg x 8, 35kg x 5, 40kg x 5, 11 (max reps in 60 seconds)
Z press: 25kg x 8 x 4
Seated DB press: 11.5kg x 15, 12, 12, 12
Straight arm pulldown: 30kg x 15 x 4
Rotator cuff work

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but Sunday workouts have really sucked for the past two months. I always feel tired and have no interest in anything other than breakfast! Oh well, I guess something is better than nothing.


The only reason I go to the gym on Sundays!

My chest was really hurting after Friday’s bench craziness, so it just goes to show that I should never bench!

The rest of the weekend was very relaxing and involved a lot of sunshine 🙂


So many selfies, so little time!

Have you ever done partial squats in the gym, either on purpose or without knowing any better?

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