Paris > working out

Paris > working out

Last week I only trained twice, so this will be a short training log. Having competed on the Sunday, I would normally rest until the following Thursday but I headed back to the gym one day early as I was off to Paris (more on that below!).

Wednesday – Pressing
Narrow log press (viper style): 30kg x 10, 30kg x 10, 35kg x 5
Narrow log press (regular style): 40kg x 5, 45kg x 5
Wide log press: 40kg x 5, 5, 42.5kg x 3, 3, 3
Barbell overhead press: 20kg x 10, 30kg x 8, 35kg x 7, 40kg x 4, 5
Dumbbell lat raises: 5kg x 20, 8kg x 15 x 3
Face pulls: 45kg x 12 x 3
Internal and external rotator cuff work

I was not really sore after this comp – minus some pain in my calves from being on my feet for two days straight – but I was insanely tired during this workout. I have only been averaging 6ish hours of sleep a night which is terrible considering I’ve always been so good about hitting 8-9 hours. So I focused on technique and kept things light. I plan on doing one more week of moderate weights, and then testing my maxes next week.

Thursday – Squats
Back squats: 20kg x 10, 10, 40kg x 5, 50kg x 5, 60kg x 5, 70kg x 3
Straight leg deadlifts: 40kg x 10, 60kg x 10, 12, 12
Band-assisted chin-ups: 6 x 3
Single leg reverse hyper extension: 20kg x 10 x 3 (per side)
Seated cable row: 45kg x 15, 50kg x 12 x 3

I was definitely not feeling this workout. That 70kg set of squats felt so rough. My hands were pretty cut up from the car deadlifts so I couldn’t handle any heavier weights. In somewhat exciting news, my gym got a (very rare!) reverse hyperextension machine so I played around with that. It’s one of very few machines I can see myself using in the future!


I then spent the weekend in Paris, thoroughly enjoying the fact I am no longer on a diet. It was my third time in the city, so I completely failed as a tourist and hardly took any scenic pictures. I always figure that if I want to see a picture of the Eiffel tower, I will just use Google. I did have a pretty kick ass view from my balcony though.

The view of the Eiffel Tower from my balcony

Just a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower!

The weather was freaking amazing the entire time. Summer has well and truly arrived in Europe!


Surprisingly, there were burgers everywhere! I tried to keep things French, however, and limited myself to one burger with bacon and cheese.


I ate some French classics such as croque madame, steak frites, croissants and crepes. I also drank wine three days in a row, which is very unlike me – when in Rome Paris.

Steak and potatoes!

Steak and potatoes!

I actually ordered a non-chocolate dessert in a restaurant for perhaps the first time ever after seeing another diner eat it – raspberries sandwiched between two almond macaroons in the top right picture below. Om.


Speaking of macaroons, I also stopped by Pierre Herme, home of the most famous macaroons in the world.


I was staying in Montmartre, which had a bunch of amazing gelato shops. I had one every day I was there.


I never thought I’d choose gelato over crepes in Paris! I did of course have plenty of those too.


The gelato below is stracciatella and chocolate praline, with solidified Nutella on top. Why have fro-yo when this exists?!


What is your favourite French food?

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