Feeling better already

Feeling better already

Wow, thank you all for the kind words (and tough love!) on my last post. I knew I was having a “moment” and that things would return to normal soon. The good news I had an awesome training session on Saturday and I’m feeling almost back in the game – with another competition on the horizon for November!

We don’t really need to go through the workouts I did on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday as I talked about them here. In case you missed it, I failed a 90kg squat, 52.5kg log press and 135kg deadlift. The remainder of those training sessions were largely write-offs as failing put me in a terrible mood.

On Saturday, Em and I headed to Haslemere to train with Meg Robson, who is currently Britain’s Strongest U75kg woman (the one I have previously mentioned I have to compete against in September – eek!). We had no idea what we were in for, other than the Conan’s wheel.

When Meg said she wanted to do trap bar deadlifts first, I didn’t know whether I’d even join in. Even though I didn’t get the PR I wanted on Thursday, it certainly felt like I had – my back was in utter agony.

It’s a good thing I told myself to stop being a pussy because I went on to pull 170kg (375lbs)! It wasn’t from the floor, but I was still happy with that as it’s the most weight I’ve picked up in any form (rack pull, farmers, etc).

We then did some single arm dumbbell pressing. I could do three reps at 25kg but couldn’t get one at 27.5kg. I blame the horrible shape of the dumbbell, which has left hideous bruises on my shoulders.

Next we went outside and Meg crowned me Queen of the Conan’s Wheel! I did 3.75 rotations and it was the only event I was able to beat her on – we had a good bit of banter about that. The empty wheel weighs 100kg and it was my first time ever playing with one.

Here is the video from the day. If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, you can see my 170kg deadlift at 0:20, my dumbbell pressing at 0:48, and my Conan’s attempt at 3:27.

We finished up with some light tyre flipping into an arm over arm prowler pull with 60kg of added weight. You can hear Em screaming at the end of the video because she beat me – isn’t she lovely? 😉

Meg gave us some advice about the mental side of lifting, but not before saying she shouldn’t talk about that in front of me because I’m her direct competition. I had to laugh at that because I can’t see any way of ever beating her unless she has a broken leg or something! Funnily enough, I found that watching Meg lift was inspiring rather than intimidating.

The main reason we went to Haslemere was to practice the Conan’s wheel, as it is one of the events at a competition in November we’re likely to do. The other events are a max log lift, deadlift medley, stone loading medley and mas wrestling (which is this if you are interested).

They have only announced the weights for the deadlift medley so far, and that is 80, 100, 120 and 140kg Olympic bars from regular height. Eek. They have tampered with the weight class for this comp, so I have to cut to under 70kg. It won’t be fun but it’s not too far away from where I’m hoping to be at the end of August – 72kg.

“Dieting” has been going well so far. I’ve still been eating bread…



deadlift pasta

…and let’s not forget the ice cream. I’m down 0.5kg so far, which is right on track.



Finally, I promised I would share the clip of the dancing video I did last month – here it is!

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