Moving and all the carbs

Moving and all the carbs

Just a quick note that I’ve moved house again (third time in three months, more than 25 times in 25 years – it’s the kind of thing you don’t want to be a pro at!) and I won’t have internet for two more weeks, so I may be a little slow at getting back to emails for the next short while. Hopefully I won’t be moving again for a long time because it’s killing me!

Thank you all for the comments on my last post. You guys are awesome. I have everyone intention of continuing to blog as I know a lot of people do benefit from my posts, but it just sucks that some people have nothing better to do than be negative. I probably gave the haters plenty more things to talk about given that I shared the link to My Fitness Pal at a time where I had three days of pretty serious junk food consumption, ha. Anyway, on to last week’s workouts!

Monday – Squats
Back squats: 20kg x 10, 10, 40kg x 5, 50kg x 5, 60kg x 5, 70kg x 5, 75kg x 3 x 8 sets
Paused squats: 50kg x 8 x 3
Standing leg curl: 20kg x 12 x 4
Barbell hip thrust: 42kg x 12, 62kg x 12, 82kg x 10
Back extensions holding a 10kg plate: 12 x 3

I did this workout with a client of mine who is training for her first strongwoman comp, so I was a bit cruel to both of us. Holy squats! The higher volume is definitely a love/hate relationship and I was surprisingly less sore than I expected – perhaps my body is already getting used to all the extra squats?!

Wednesday – Pressing
Narrow log press: 30kg x 8, 35kg x 5, 40kg x 5
Wide log press: 40kg x 3, 45kg x 3, 47.5kg x 1, 50kg x F
Single arm dumbbell press: 19kg x 5, 24kg x 3, 26.5kg x 1 x 3
EZ bar skull crushers: Bar+10kg x 12 x 4
Tricep pushdowns: 35kg x 12 x 4 with dropset
Kneeling cable crunches: 15 x 3

I forgot to bring a t-shirt with me, which meant log pressing was painful and difficult (cleaning the log against my bare skin bruises and grazes me!). I wasn’t happy that I failed 50kg but I wasn’t exactly preparing for any PRs. I did my monthly crunches too 😉

Thursday – Deadlifts
Conventional deadlifts: 60kg x 8, 80kg x 5, 90kg x 5, 100kg x 5, 110kg x 3, 120kg x 1, 130kg x F
Front squats: 20kg x 8, 40kg x 5, 55kg x 3 x 6
Cable pull-throughs: 50kg x 12 x 5
Chin ups: 2 unassisted, 3 sets of 6 with band

I was feeling all right so tried for a 130kg deadlift again, but still failed it. My head was in a much better space as Em was there to distract me and the bar did budge a little, so there were some positives to take away.

Still happy enough to flex!

Still happy enough to flex!

Saturday – Pressing
Narrow log press: 30kg x 8 (viper), 35kg x 5 (viper), 40kg x 5, 45kg x 3, 47.5kg x 1, 2, 45kg x 3
Seated DB shoulder press: 11.5kg x 12 x 4
Dumbbell overhead extension: 14kg x 15 x 3
Face pulls: 45kg x 15 x 3

After spending six hours moving house and sweating absolute buckets, I had my arm twisted to go to the gym. Again, I wasn’t expecting any PRs but knew I wouldn’t get my usual Sunday workout in so had to do something light. I must have easily burnt about 5000 calories this day – not feeling guilty at all about skipping cardio this week!

It was worth it - my flat is gorgeous!

It was worth it – my flat is gorgeous!

I certainly made up for it by eating all the food on Saturday and Sunday. Breakfast/moving fuel on Saturday was two egg bagels.


Lunch seven hours later/pre-workout was a chicken, tomato and mozzarella sandwich with chunky chips. Dinner was a lovely unpictured steak and potatoes – can’t go wrong with a classic after a hard day on my feet!


I think it needs more carbs!

On Sunday I had some epic German food: schnitzel and pretzels!


I am still sitting just above 75kg, with a 2.5kg loss to date. If this is dieting, I don’t want to stop 😉 I was loosely trying to eat more carbs and less fat last week, but really just ended up eating more carbs!

How many times have you moved in your life? Am I a freak?

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