Five things Friday

Five things Friday

It’s been a heck of a long time since I wrote one of these posts, but I have some time on my hands and felt like writing something. I’m still not quite up to writing a coherent, informative post so you will have to deal with my ramblings a little longer!

5 things currently happening
1. I am in awe of everyone who has reached out to me after my last post
Thank you so much to everyone that has shared a personal relationship story with me, or even just left a comment here expressing support. Your words truly mean the world to me. I have spent a lot of time reflecting on the relationship and I know that my story is very common, and completely not my fault.

2. My eating habits are still screwed
I have been forcing myself to eat at least three times a day whether I want to or not.

Soup with a side of self-help!

Soup with a side of self-help!

On Tuesday, I ate so much food I actually felt sick. I am getting a cold and was craving butternut soup (my mum used to make it for me when I was younger), and I also stocked up on some “essentials” from Waitrose. I ate all the chips and chocolate on top of my normal meals and had a belly ache for 24 hours afterwards. Oops.

Yes, Oreo chocolate is a thing!

Yes, Oreo chocolate is a thing!

Yesterday, I was stressed to the max and ate minimal food. I was sitting in my solicitor’s office and worked myself into such a state that I threw up. Embarrassment. Later that night I had pains in my chest and thought I was actually on the verge of a heart attack. The good news is the situation should be resolved by Monday so I can starting breathing/eating/sleeping normally again.

3. Dating is stressing me out
Right, so I know I said in my last post that I’m not dating, but I just can’t help myself! I have ridiculously hot models/bodybuilders taking me out on fancy dates – how can I say no?! Plus I have found it surprisingly easy to move on now that I have realised the person I was with was a complete fantasy/sociopath.

I have no intention of starting anything serious as a) I’m still very hesitant to open myself up to a new person and all that jazz and b) I have booked a trip to Ibiza in June with a girlfriend, and made a promise to stay single until then. I have also booked a trip to Lisbon in January, and sneaking away on an all-expenses paid trip to Greece next month. I didn’t go away this summer because of the douche canoe, so I need to make up for it!

Before I go on a date with anyone, I ask them a few questions to make sure they are intelligent and also not psychotic. I’m trying to look beyond good traps and legs, and pay more attention to personality as that is where I went so incredibly wrong last time.

I have been out of the dating game for six years now, so please tell me – is it normal for people to be so pushy when they can’t see you right away? I have guys losing their shit on me when I can’t see them for three days. And as soon as I’ve finally made time to have a first date with someone, they text me immediately afterwards asking when I can see them again. DUDE.

I went out with one guy who then sent me 12 text messages and called me six times in a 24 hour period, without me responding/answering. This stalkerish behaviour then happened with three other men. I really know how to attract all the psychos. Man number one also told me that in his 34 years on earth he had never told a woman that he loved her, but he could see himself falling in love with me. BARF.

Too much for a first date? ha!

Too much for a first date? ha!

I’m at the gym almost every night of the week (either training or working) and I dance/work all day Saturdays, so the only time I’m generally free is Saturday evenings and Sundays. I don’t have time to see your psycho ass every day! And I keep getting told off for not texting back quick enough and for not wanting to have marathon texting sessions. Dating in this age of technology is too damn hard.

The only reason I was able to see Chris so much was because we trained together. Word has apparently spread about our break-up at my gym as two guys have already asked me out, but I will never make the mistake of dating someone from there again. I will also not be the gym skank, thank you very much.

I’m tempted to just sit at home and turn into a cat lady, but then how I would get blog fodder? 😉

I have resolved to go on 1-2 dates a week, only with those I really like. The good news is between having no appetite and being taken out quite often, my food expenditure has fallen by at least 75 per cent a week.

4. I want to take up boxing and salsa dancing
I feel so damn angry sometimes I just want to punch the crap out of something.


Dancing is slightly calmer and makes me equally happy. I have always wanted to go to salsa classes and there is a studio opening within walking distance to my house in the coming weeks, so it’s a sign.

5. I am still writing programs 
I have received a lot of emails asking whether I am still writing training and nutrition programs what with everything else going on. Of course I am! Work and programming has helped to keep me sane and focused over the past few weeks – I love all my clients and don’t want any of them to feel like a burden.

5 things I want to buy
Anyone who knows me (or follows me on Instagram) will know about my dress addiction. At last count, I had 50-something going-out dresses. And this is after getting rid of half of them back in February! Yet I still can’t stop buying more. Sigh.

I am in love with these two dresses from the Nicole X collection at Missguided.



I think the red one would be perfect for a date (with a jacket over the top – then pow!) but the black one may be too much even for me.

Along with dresses, I also have a serious problem buying bikinis. At one point in Australia, I owned more than 30 swimsuits! I now have about 10, including two which I’ve never worn, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to buy more.



Agent Provocateur is currently having a flash sale and I want all the things. Everything I want to buy is so practical, right?


And one final thing, actually related to training. I have been hearing very good things about this nutrition ebook from Renaissance Periodization. I plan on buying it this weekend and will report back!

5 things you should read
I have been slacking on sharing posts over on my Facebook page, but here are a few of my favourites over the past couple of weeks.

Extreme measures you don’t need to take to lose fat: It’s amazing how many people do crazy things to lose weight, when it is really quite simple. This post talks about fasting, monodiets, diuretics, juice detoxes, low-carb diets, excessive cardio and more.

Fitness and menstrual health: The folks at Precision Nutrition have put together a really comprehensive post about the impact of exercise and leanness on female hormones. I know a lot of my readers struggle to maintain a regular menstrual cycle in conjunction with their exercise routine, so this post is well worth a read.

The most important thing in life is protein: I think Chaos and Pain is my all-time favourite blog, but please be warned that it’s very NSFW! Under normal circumstances, I am a self-admitted pig so I love reading about others’ gluttony. This is a good read for anyone struggling to gain weight.

Lessons learned preparing for my first powerlifting meet: This was a really great guest post on Tony Gentilcore’s site which would be useful for anyone looking to start powerlifting or just wanting to get stronger in general (and that should be everyone!).

How to cheat while following the Paleo diet: As you may know, I’m a big fan of cheat meals/days/lives and, although I’m not following a Paleo diet anymore, that caramelised sweet potato looks like heaven. I also agree with the line “I’d wither and die without Ben & Jerry’s”.

Wow, that turned into quite the rambling! What is something you’re loving lately?

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