Life is good

Life is good

I finally feel back to normal. Over the past couple of weeks, my appetite has finally come back – but almost too much! I’m eating a normal amount of food again, on top of all my new daily habits of chocolate and wine. I miraculously haven’t gained any weight, but I feel very blah. Eating loads of sugar really affects my performance in the gym, so I’m reigning it in starting today.

Last week’s workouts weren’t particularly exciting but were they ever sweaty! My gym turns up the heat in winter which means you sweat standing still. Fun times.

Monday – Squats
Back squats: 20kg x 10, 10, 40kg x 8, 60kg x 5, 65kg x 3 x 8
Straight leg deadlifts: 20kg x 12, 40kg x 12 x 4
Banded lying clams: 12 x 4 (per side)
Lat pulldown: Approx. 45kg x 12, 10, 50kg x 8, 6, 55kg x 4

I’m still hating squats so not much has changed there, although I am forcing myself to squat twice a week now.

There are two absolute twats at my gym. They use the lat pulldown every time they train, and they say all the cliche things like “it’s all you, bro” and “you’ve got this, bruv”, while grunting and screaming. Their bench is particularly awful – lowering the bar about three inches shy of their actual chest, having the spotter do all the work, and lifting their arses about a foot off the bench during the press. It is really hard to concentrate when that ridiculousness is happening right next to us!

Tuesday – Pressing
Log press: 30kg x 8, 36kg x 5 x 8
Barbell push press: 20kg x 10, 30kg x 8, 35kg x 5, 40kg x 4, 42.5kg x 2
Incline dumbbell press: 11.5kg x 12 x 3
Superset with prone incline dumbbell rows: 10kg x 12 x 3
Overhead dumbbell extension: 14kg x 12 x 4
Rotator cuff work

I’m working out during the day on Tuesdays now and loving it, as it frees up my evenings. My shoulder has finally stopped hurting (I had a bit of a niggle after my last comp – holy crap, that was an entire month ago!) so pressing is all good.

I’m addicted to having soup with a buttered baguette for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so this is what I ate post-workout.


Thursday – Deadlifts
Paused squats: 20kg x 10, 10, 40kg x 5, 50kg x 5 x 5
Deadlifts: 50kg x 8, 70kg x 8, 87.5kg x 3 x 8
Inverse band rows: 30kg x 15 x 4
Superset with low band rows: 8 x 4
Power cleans: 20kg x 5, 40kg x 2, 45kg x 2 x 4
Back extensions holding 10kg plate: 12 x 4

Deadlifts felt quick and easy, and my form feels good (it better do at such light weight!).

We went for burgers afterwards and I had one with bacon, blue cheese and an onion ring. And sweet potato fries, of course.


Em made the most amazing dessert I’ve ever seen: Nutella cupcakes with a Forrero Rocher inside! Naturally, she brought me one. She is bringing a whole batch of them this Thursday and I am salivating thinking about it. This does not coincide with my goal of reigning in the sugar intake, haha.

I stole her picture because how freaking good do these look!?

I stole her picture because how freaking good do these look!?

On Friday, I did 20 minutes of sprints and then went for Lebanese food for dinner with a friend, before seeing Gone Girl. It was good but I’m still unhappy with the ending. The previews went for 37 minutes (!) so my only complaint was that it dragged on for far too long.

I forgot to take a picture of dinner (what?!) so here’s a picture of my lunch instead. I ate this while scrolling through Instagram and seeing cabbage noodles. WTF!? I can get behind zucchini noodles but the idea of cabbage noodles is just wrong. Why are people so afraid of eating actual pasta?!


On Saturday, I ran around all day and made it through the sweatiest dance class known to man. We did a routine to Work Bitch, which is quite possibly my favourite song to dance to. What can I say? I love pretending I’m Britney (in her glory days, not now!).

On Saturday night, I had an amazing date. I was going to wear the red dress I ordered last week, but my date chose that exact moment to follow me on Instagram and so I unintentionally sabotaged myself by prematurely posting the picture.

Sorry for the blur!

I wore the one below instead, but my outfit ended up being the last thing on my mind. It’s so incredible to find someone who is not only very intelligent but drop dead gorgeous as well. We get on brilliantly and did not stop talking for five hours. Enough about that because they are probably reading this too 😉


My friend (who is a make-up artist) says I don’t spend enough time on my hair and make-up. It usually takes me less than five minutes to get ready in the morning. I like being low maintenance! She insisted on blow drying my hair and doing my make-up before I went out. I actually didn’t mind this look quite so much as the last time I had my eyebrows pencilled in, when I felt like an alien.


Sunday – Pressing
Paused bench press: 20kg x 15, 30kg x 8, 35kg x 5 x 8
Z press: 25kg x 8, 8, 30kg x 5, 5
Overhead lockouts: 30kg x 5 x 3
Overhead dumbbell extension: 14kg x 12 x 4
V bar pushdowns: 30kg x 15 x 3

I couldn’t stop smiling like a goober all day Sunday. I somehow managed to fit in not only a workout but a run as well – who am I?! I clearly have loads of excess energy as noted by the fact I only took one rest day last week. Whoops.

I had another burger with some roasted veggies for dinner. I’m well and truly back on the burger train!


Do you eat real pasta? Have you ever seen anything better than that cupcake?! How many burgers did you eat last week?

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