A day in the life

A day in the life

When I asked what you wanted to see more of, the most common request was “day in the life”-type posts. I was surprised, but I guess you lot are just a nosy bunch 😉

Here is my Tuesday – enjoy!

I usually lay in bed for 10 minutes after my alarm goes off, scrolling through my emails and heavily procrastinating about getting up. I then get ready for work and have breakfast. And coffee. Lots of coffee. I’m out the door by 8am.

tues breakfast

Bacon and eggs… duh!

I arrive at work and spend the next six hours at my desk. I work three days a week 9-5, but on Tuesdays I finish at 3pm and I have Thursdays off.

I’m the PR manager of a large sports centre so my work varies day-to-day. We have 12 different departments (tennis, gymnastics, football, dance, fitness, etc) and I do things like write press releases, design and print advertisements, design and update websites, update social media, and write newsletters. I also attend a lot of classes and workshops so it’s not all computer-based, thankfully.

I’m usually hungry by 11am but force myself to wait until at least 12pm. I always eat lunch at my desk, but I did actually take a 20 minute break today to have tea and gossip with one of my best friends. I spend what feels like half my life having tea and gossiping!

tupp lunch

At the moment, I’m loving shredded chicken with salad, rice and cheese

I also work as the nutritionist at the centre. I mostly work with full-time tennis players, but also some regular people too. After lunch, I had a consultation and wrote their program out immediately afterwards. The standard story: eat more food!

I finish up my work while snacking on a banana and chocolate peanut butter. And more coffee. It’s almost workout time!

The best pre-workout

The best pre-workout


I leave work and proceed to freeze walking to the train station. My office is like a sauna and every day I feel dizzy when I have to go out into the cold. When I’m on the train, I usually read the paper or a book, but will sometimes get sucked into my Instagram feed.

I arrive at the gym. I usually train at 5.30pm, but much prefer it when it’s a bit quieter – especially considering I was doing a workout involving complicated powerlifting exercises like board presses and banded reverse benching which involved me dragging equipment all over the gym.

Gotta love a bit of board pressing!

I finish my workout and head straight to yoga class (which is luckily only five minutes down the road). I realise I’m starving, and am not going to make it until dinner, so I grab a protein shake from the gym.

Yoga time! I spend the next hour sweating and blissed out.

Recycled pic but you get the idea

Recycled pic but you get the idea

I arrive home and quickly throw together the most bodybuilder meal ever: chicken, potatoes and broccoli. I then shower, blow dry my hair and fix my face.


I head out on a drinks date. I was in a major rush and didn’t have time to snap a selfie, so let’s just pretend I was wearing this (I mainly want to show off my boots again!).


I arrive home and am thankful for my second wind as I still have work to do! I reply to some client emails and make a list of all the programs I need to write the next day.

No matter what time I get home in the evening, I absolutely must follow my nightly routine of peppermint tea and dark chocolate in bed while reading. I’m currently reading the last book in the Millennium trilogy. I only managed about 10 minutes but it’s better than nothing.


While I was lying in bed, I realised that I was absolutely starving – not surprising considering I ate dinner two hours earlier than I usually do. So I went back into the kitchen and had a bowl of granola with some peanut butter.

I fell asleep within about 30 seconds of my head hitting the pillow.

So that’s that! I fit a lot into my days but I figure life is too short to sit at home watching TV (I haven’t actually owned a TV in three years).

Did you actually find this interesting? Ha 🙂

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