Top 10 London restaurants

Top 10 London restaurants

This post is totally random, but many of you have recently expressed an interest in reading more about my life in London. The lovely Nicola requested a post on my top 10 London restaurants, which I will follow up with my top 10 burgers.

It was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be to narrow it down to just 10 restaurants. I didn’t even get a chance to mention any of my favourite pubs – maybe I will need to make a separate post about those too! I don’t have pictures of all of my meals, as sometimes it isn’t appropriate to be snapping my plate 😉

10. The Breakfast Club
I have raved about The Breakfast Club a few times on the ol’ blog. It’s not just breakfast food, but you’d be silly not to order that. Take a look at the menu and tell me you’re not a little bit turned on right now! I’ve tried many of the pancake and egg options, but my favorite is the chorizo hashbrowns with feta. The smoothies and hot chocolates are also delicious, and it’s a place where it’s perfectly acceptable to have a mojito before noon.


If you can, go to this place on a weekday as you are looking at queuing for about an hour to get in on a Saturday or Sunday. I’ve been to the branches in Battersea Rise, London Bridge and Soho. The first two were great but the Soho branch is just too busy and cramped, and the food didn’t seem as good.

9. Sticks and Sushi
The main thing I miss about living in Sydney is the sushi. I’ve tried a bunch of sushi restaurants in London and the only one that even comes close to being good is Sticks and Sushi. Funnily enough, it’s actually a Danish restaurant. The sushi isn’t exactly traditional but it’s good nonetheless. I’ve been to both of their locations but you are more likely to get a last-minute table at the Wimbledon branch than Covent Garden. Now, if I could just find some self-control so I don’t spend £100 on sushi in a single sitting…


8. The Botanist
This restaurant is right in the heart of Sloane Square, which is one of my favourite parts of London. I’ve had both breakfast (hello blueberry pancakes with bacon) and dinner here, and it never disappoints. The food is described as “British” and I’ve tried the venison, lobster and schnitzel – not exactly British! This place is busy every night of the week (it’s popular with the pre-theatre crowd) so make sure you book in advance.

7. The Hurlingham Club
I’m cheating here as this isn’t technically a restaurant, but it’s a must-see in my opinion! I’ve eaten at the various restaurants inside four or five times and, while the food is nothing special, the atmosphere is what makes it special. The club has been in operation since the 1800s and offers tennis, croquet, polo and golf. It is a private members club (with a 20+ year wait for membership!), so you will need to know someone to get in. Walking around the grounds and lounging in front of the pool is amazing in the summer time!



And it’s my favourite place to go for afternoon tea. I’m so British right now.

hurlingham tea

6. Roast
This takes a close second to the best roast dinner I’ve had in London. It’s located in Borough Market, so you can have a lovely stroll afterwards, and it has great views of St Paul’s Cathedral as well.

I don’t have a picture but imagine beef that melts in your mouth accompanied by the crispiest roast potatoes you’ve ever had. Mmmm.

5. Brinkley’s
This is one of my favourite celeb-spotting haunts and a great place to start a night out in Chelsea/Fulham. I went here a few weeks ago and had the rack of lamb – it was so good!

4. Duck and Waffle
If you have any out-of-town visitors, you must take them here! It’s on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower and has the best, panoramic view of London. It’s open 24 hours a day, although you will need to book a table months in advance if you want to eat at a decent hour.

I’ve only been once and ordered the duck and waffle, naturally. This was actually the first London restaurant to serve up a cronut (mix between croissant and donut, for those not in the know) but, sadly, they were no longer serving them when I went.


3. Hawksmoor
Hawksmoor claims to serve the best steak in London, but I disagree (see #1!). It is pretty damn good, and their roast is better than any I’ve ever had. I’ve been to the Air Street, Seven Dials and Spitalfields locations, and noticed no difference in taste or service. Although one time I was very disappointed when I wanted a roast and they told me they had none, but then proceeded to serve a whole table of people roasts who had apparently pre-ordered them. Sad times.

Look at that sexy roast!

Look at that sexy roast!

The dessert here is good, but it’s definitely no Goodman.


2.  Annabel’s
This is another celebrity hangout and is a nightclub as well as a restaurant located in Mayfair. Sadly, it is another members club so you will need to know a member to get in. There is a pretty strict dress code to get in – not surprising considering it’s the only nightclub the Queen has been to! I always have an amazing time every time I go, and the food is pretty damn good too. You are not actually allowed to use your phone inside, so a photo from their website will have to do.


1. Goodman
Drum roll, please! It was a tough call but Goodman has topped my list. I actually wanted to go here after seeing a picture of one of their desserts: a choc chip brownie ice cream sundae. Classy, I know. They have three locations, but only the City branch does that dessert, so guess which one I went to?


The sundae was mind-blowing, and the steak was incredible too. I had to book a table here about a month in advance, but the other locations have better opening hours so are easier to get into.


Have you ever been to any of these restaurants? Which one appeals to you the most?

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