High on life!

High on life!

My crazy exercise streak has continued! Last week involved four training sessions, six hot yoga classes (three of which were 90 minutes long – sweatfest!), three 20-30 minute runs and my usual dance class on Saturday. I also had plans every single night and slept very little. It finally hit me last night when I crashed out at 10pm (my usual bedtime has been about 2am).

I also officially signed up for the powerlifting competition in February – there’s no turning back now!

PL entry

My sessions are getting a bit more difficult each week, and I’m still loving all the new exercises I would never have thought to do on my own.

Monday – Squat
I worked up to six sets of four reps at 62.5kg, and then did a few sets of lighter paused squats. One of my accessory exercises was seated box jumps. I felt like a hippo, but I luckily didn’t face plant. I also did three 60 second planks with a 10kg plate on my back. Holy hell, did I feel this the next day!

I didn’t eat until three and a half hours after I’d finished lifting (!!!!!) so this meal was devoured in about 30 seconds flat.

squat chicken

Tuesday – Bench
I worked up to five sets of three at 42.5kg, and also did some board pressing, tricep work and seal rows. Em and I typically always squat together, but we did this workout together instead so we could go through the commands for bench. To thank her, I made her join me for cardio afterwards!

Bench press

I was wearing my awesome new training shirt.

head shirt

Thursday – Deadlift
Like last week, I did 12 singles every 30 seconds – this time with 91kg on the bar.

91kg deadlifts

I then did some stiff-legged deficit deadlifts with a chain! I felt ridiculous using chains for such a light weight, but also kind of badass too.

Deficit deadlifts

This makes me laugh every time. #foreversingle

could be us

I Skyped with Alanna afterwards, which was very cool. I expressed all my fears and concerns and she really gave me some great advice. I tried not to be a complete fan girl – play it cool, Tara, you’re just talking to the strongest woman in the world while sitting in your minion pyjamas…

On Friday night, I did yoga and went out dancing. On Saturday, I woke up after four hours sleep, did a 90 minute yoga class and then went straight to dance class. My dance teacher actually said: “I bet you didn’t go to the gym or do yoga before you came today – you have more energy than everyone else combined!” And to think, I don’t even take pre-workout 😉

I then walked all over Soho for hours to do some last-minute Christmas shopping…. in central London, on the last weekend before Christmas. Yes, I am crazy. I raced back home to get ready in 30 minutes flat and then headed back out for Mexican food and margaritas!

Wearing my babies!

Wearing my babies!

Sunday – Pressing
I was freaking exhausted on Saturday night, but I still managed to find my second wind on Sunday with a yoga class, training session and 20 minutes of sprints: 1 minute at 15km/hr, followed by 1 minute walking. I was flying!

My training session involved log presses, seated football bar presses, dumbbell presses and high pulls. I am embracing my inner Olympic weightlifter – I will spare you the video.

Log press

Seated press

I raced back home to get ready once again in lightning speed, to meet up with a friend. I came home to a lovely Christmas dinner prepared by my flatmate.

We had lamb, crispy potatoes and salad for the main.

christmas dinner

And a tonne of donuts and chocolate Baileys for dessert. Yes, this is a thing.


I have this week off work and I thought things would finally calm down, but I’m still running around like a headless chicken! My last yoga class is tomorrow (sob) and things should hopefully start calming down on Christmas Eve.

I’ve been eating like a champion, and having sweets every day. ‘Tis the season, after all! Yet I’m still slowly losing weight, so I shouldn’t have to worry about cutting anything before my comp. Woop!

I probably won’t be back until next week, so have a great Christmas, everyone!

Is the lead up to Christmas a crazy time for you too? What’s the best thing you’ve eaten this month?

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