Christmas gainzzz

Christmas gainzzz

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas if you were celebrating, and enjoyed some time with loved ones.

Just a quick housekeeping note: my online training spots for January are filling up fast, so please get in contact ASAP if you would like to start my coaching program in the new year.

Last week, they announced some of the weights for my potential first strongwoman competition of the year. It is the qualifier for England’s Strongest Woman in June, and the weights are much heavier than last year. The log press for reps has increased from 45 to 55kg and the deadlift for reps has increased from 110 to 140kg! Never mind that the new weights are higher than my current one rep max… Naturally, I emailed Alanna in a panic but she told me not to worry about any strongwoman comps as I need to consider myself a powerlifter for the foreseeable future. Eek.

Monday – Squats
I did 60kg safety bar squats and banded box squats. How hardcore am I?! I’m still hating all kinds of squats, so there’s that.

Safety bar squats

Banded box squats


One of my accessory exercises included 40 (!!) rep sets of calf raises (!!!). That was just as fun as it sounds.

Em and I had Christmas dinner afterwards: burgers with bacon and deep-fried Camembert. How traditional can you get?


Tuesday – Bench
I did a regular bench press, working up to 44kg.

Bench press

I then had three sets of two reps with the slingshot at 55kg. That is the most weight I’ve ever had over my chest and I was understandably nervous about repping it, slingshot or not. I did the first set on my own, and the hardest part was unracking the bar given my arms are obviously constricted. There was hardly anyone in the gym but someone offered me a spot. I specifically told him that I just wanted a lift-off and that he was not to touch the bar at all unless I failed. He clearly listened well.

I did one extra rep to make up for it, but I decided to just repeat the set on my own. He couldn’t understand why I was pissed off as he “only touched it a little”. He did spot me on my last set, only because he promised not to touch the bar. He then gave me a lift-off with one finger. I think I just need to start benching with Em so I don’t have to deal with any “it’s all you, bro” BS.

He then kindly offered to spot my seal rows. When I looked confused, he said “I’ll spot you from behind”. I’m sure you will, buddy.

I also did my last yoga class on Tuesday. Sob. I bought a yoga mat with the intention of using it every day… I have so far used it once. At 2am on Christmas Day. As you do.

It finally hit me that I was feeling a little overtrained. All of this exercise, wacky sleep patterns and a couple of months of being extremely busy are finally catching up to me, so it’s almost a good thing my yoga streak is over. I want to keep up with it at least twice a week as I feel much better for having done a month of it.

Wednesday – Deadlifts
I worked up to 12 singles at 97.5kg every 35 seconds. They are still feeling quick and easy.

97.5kg deadlift


I also did some touch and go rack pulls, dumbbell rows and isometric back extensions.

Rack pulls

Is there a better way to spend Christmas Eve? I think not. I wore one of my presents from Em – the best shirt ever. It’s a real shame he’s already married. She’s also wearing the shirt I got her for Christmas, which brilliantly says “F*ck off you c*nt”. I needed to borrow it on Tuesday.


Thursday to Saturday
I didn’t go to the gym for a few days, but I did run 8k on Christmas Day and 5k on Boxing Day. I also danced for three hours on Christmas Day. #cardioqueen

My Christmas Day was so quiet and perfect. I skyped with a couple of special people and had one visitor so I wasn’t completely alone. I stayed up until 4am. It’s a sad day when one of your friends in Canada goes to bed before you.

I made bacon and egg waffles for breakfast. Treat yo self.


Apart from those, I ate the most lame Christmas food ever (think fish and vegetables for lunch, burgers and brussels sprouts for dinner) but I did make amazing brownies, as I felt I had to do something festive. I polished off a bottle of wine and Baileys on my own too.


On Saturday one of my best friends arrived from Australia, and she will be staying with me until mid-January. We planned to go to the city for a little sale shopping and then have a quiet night at home. HA. One drink in Soho turned into utter debauchery. We were both falling asleep on the night bus home, but then managed to sit up for another two hours drinking tea, chatting to our love interests and painting our nails. At 3am. We are so alike!

My life though.

My life though.

Sunday – Overhead
I did incline bench press, power cleans and bar lockouts, and some other accessory work. I was obviously having a weak moment last week as I was actually able to do the proper weight Alanna had prescribed for me this week. I was hanging hard and sweating so much I thought something was actually wrong with me.

37.5kg incline bench

Bar lockouts

My friend and I went to Chelsea afterwards for a bit of shopping and a visit to the Saatchi gallery. Londoners take note: there is a new Lululemon store opening in Chelsea next month! As a coincidence, I went to the Covent Garden store on Saturday and bought the coolest bra ever.


In Chelsea, there is also a brand new T2 store (an Australian tea brand). My friend came all the way from Australia to buy £30 of Australian tea. Logic, not even once. It’s amazing though.

I obviously like chocolate.

I obviously like chocolate.

I’m looking for a white button-up shirt/dress and tried on this one, with what I thought was a cute blazer. My friend said the outfit made me look like I don’t know how to dress myself. So that’s a no then?



She comes out with some real crackers, most of which are not suitable for my blog but make me laugh. This morning, when I was putting on minion socks, she said “I feel like half the time you’re this super sexy, intelligent woman, but other times you’re just a complete idiot loser”. It’s lucky I love her.

After our day of shopping, we were both exhausted and wanted a Sunday roast. But no pub would serve us because we are elderly and wanted to eat at 5.30pm. So I wined and dined her from the comfort of my own home instead. There was an unspeakable amount of Tim Tams and jam donuts consumed as well. Oops.


I will spend this week acting as a tourist, and looking out for a New Year’s Eve party. I freaking hate NYE.

What did you do for Christmas? What are your plans for New Year’s?

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