Another year gone

Another year gone

I can’t believe 2014 is over already. It’s a complete cliche to say, but this year went by so fast. It seems like just yesterday that I was stressing out about acquiring my UK visa.

I thought it would be fun to revisit my 10 most popular posts of the year and also talk about my goals for 2015.

10. Training with Laurence Shahlaei: AKA the best training session of my life.


9. 5 things I learnt from Andy Bolton: I was surprised that this post was so popular, but apparently you all liked hearing from the master that it is okay to be lazy and skip warm-ups.

8. Setting strength goals: The strength-related goals I believe everyone should be working towards.

7. Paleo made me miserable: You guys obviously loved hearing that Paleo isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

6. Recap of England’s Strongest Woman 2014: All the drama of my weight cutting, relationship breakdown and frankly dismal performance.


5. You must compete: A controversial post where I state that everyone who is serious about lifting should compete. All in good fun 😉

4. How I became body confident: Weight lifting completely changed the way I feel about my body, and this is why.

3. The awful truth: Who would have thought a post about my horrible break-up would have been the most popular post I wrote this year? I still can’t believe how many of you reached out to me with your own stories of abuse during this difficult time. Thank you all again for the support and know that I am still here to listen to anyone going through something similar.

2. 5 reasons weight lifting is better than cardio: This post is more than two years old but continues to get loads of traffic, probably because it’s the first thing you see when you visit my home page. Like many of my posts, it’s a little controversial and has some good discussions going in the comment section.

1. Overcoming Metabolic Damage: This is another old post which gets more traffic than any other, and I still get emails and comments (almost at 200!) about it every week.

2015 goals (you can revisit my 2014 goals here)
Well, I didn’t hit any of my strength-related goals. Whomp whomp. I have new goals in mind for my powerlifting competition in February, but I’m not going to jinx myself by publicly stating the numbers. My main strength goal for this year is not to humiliate myself at my comp! I would also like to qualify for England’s Strongest Woman again, but it unfortunately won’t be quite as easy as last year.

I definitely didn’t do 15 minutes of mobility work every day. Hahaha. Doing yoga for 30 days definitely helped though, and it’s something I would like to keep in my routine (just not quite as often).

I would say I definitely achieved my goal of becoming more of an all-round athlete. I spent a lot of this year working on squats, which are very much a weakness of mine, and also improving my cardiovascular fitness and mental health through yoga/meditation.

I do love Paris!

I do love Paris!

I had a major fail on the travel side of things this year, due to the tonne of personal drama I went through. This year I only went to Australia (which I don’t even want to count as it was for practical purposes!), Paris and Berlin. The whole point of me living in London is so I can travel around Europe often, so I’m disappointed that this year was such a bust on that front. I’m going to Istanbul in two weeks, Australia in April, and possibly New York in July, but I would also really love to finally go to Italy in 2015.

In terms of blog-related stuff, I obviously have not released my fashion line, ha! 18 months later and my logo still hasn’t been designed, so I need to find a new designer. The good news is I have started writing my very first ebook (about metabolic damage) and expect to finish it in the next few months. I have started sharing more training videos, so that’s another goal I can cross off the list.

In summary, my goals for 2015 are:

  • Not throw up/poop myself/cry at my powerlifting competition on February 22.
  • Compete in England’s Strongest Woman, and possibly also Britain’s Strongest Woman.
  • Finally squat 100kg and deadlift 140kg.
  • Maintain a yoga/stress relief routine.
  • Follow my heart and take a crazy chance on love.
  • Take at least five holidays.
  • Finish my ebook.
  • Help more people to repair their metabolisms (I’ve currently coached 220 people online, about half of whom had damaged metabolisms when they started working with me. I love teaching people to fuel their bodies properly while achieving their physical goals, and I think my book will help a lot with that!).

What are your goals for 2015? Did you achieve your goals for 2014?

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