A week of pure gluttony

A week of pure gluttony

Last week was a blur! The week between Christmas and New Year always tends to be a little hazy, never mind the fact that I have a friend staying with me and had to go into work a couple of days. I was even more busy than usual so I’m quite impressed I fit all my workouts in.

Monday – Squat
I never thought I’d be so excited to see regular back squats in my programming! I worked up to five sets of four reps at 67.5kg (150lbs). And yes, I’m wearing minion socks.

Back squats

Also on the agenda were banded box squats (they looked much better this week!), with 57.5kg on the bar plus the bands for resistance.

Banded box squats

My accessory work was absolutely brutal. First I had to do 50 feet of the following in succession: frog jumps, walking lunges and sprints. I dare you to try that right now – my legs almost gave way when I tried to run, so my “sprints” were more like hobbling.

As if that wasn’t enough, I then had to do 50 (!) rep sets of calf raises. I swear Alanna is trying to kill me!

Tuesday – Bench
I trained with Em three days in a row (yay holidays!) so luckily had a good spotter for once. I worked up to four sets of three reps at 45kg (100lbs) on regular bench.

Bench press

Then it was time to play with the slingshot – my new favourite toy! I did two sets of three reps at 57.5kg. This week I’m doing 60kg. It’s pretty much the only time I will be able to load the bar up with the big plates.

Slingshot bench

We were both feeling the post-Christmas chub so decided to finish off our workout with a barbell complex. We did six reps of each of the following: deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, bent over row, cleans, front squats, push press, back squat and good mornings. Then we rested while the other person worked, and then did five more sets with five, four, three, two and one rep.

Naturally, to reverse all that fat-burning we had to have a big feast afterwards…


Which was then followed up with a trip to Camden, which had to include a trip to the Chin Chin Labs! I’ve been wanting to try this liquid nitrogen “ice cream” for such a long time. It was worth the wait!


Wednesday – Deadlifts
I worked up to 10 singles at 102.5kg (225lbs), performed every 45 seconds.

102.5kg deadlift

I then did some touch and go rack pulls with 120kg (260lbs). One of my accessory exercises was six rep sets of dumbbell snatches with a 20kg dumbbell. I laughed when I saw that weight on my program, so I was absolutely shocked that I was actually able to do it!

Because Em and I are masochists, we decided to do another barbell complex! This time, we did the bear complex.

Afterwards, we ventured to Notting Hill and had burgers and Nutella crepes., and then we headed to a house party to ring in the new year.




I didn’t get home until noon on New Year’s Day (don’t ask, haha!), and I hadn’t eaten anything since the burgers for lunch the previous day. A massive hangover-inspired brunch was in order. So much for starting that New Year’s diet 😉


I’m super impressed that I was actually able to move off my couch and squeeze in 30 minutes of yoga.

On Friday, I went for a 40 minute run. It was my first in a week and I actually missed it! We went out for dinner to Sticks n Sushi (one of my favourites!) and then went gay clubbing until 3am. So much cardio.





I had six coffees on Friday. I think I might be addicted.

Saturday – Overhead
I dragged my arse to the gym to get in my final workout for the week. My beautiful new shoes arrived so I tested them out (love!), and I will try the wraps tonight.


I worked up to six sets of three at 40kg (87lbs) on the log.

Log press

I also did standing barbell lockouts with 38.5kg, and some other upper body accessory work.

Barbell lockouts

I managed to find a Beyonce-themed club night in Shoreditch on Saturday night, so guess where I was?! My friend and I were singing “Love on Top” and “Shake It Off” (not Beyonce, I know, but damn catchy) literally all day Saturday and Sunday. We are 15.

Sunday – Sweet FA
We were planning to go out for breakfast on Sunday, but that would have actually required leaving the house. I did head out to Winter Wonderland on Sunday (only about six weeks too late!) and burgers may or may not have been consumed.

When I arrived home, my darling friend had made me a lamb roast so I ate a lot sooner than I intended to. I had an epic food baby. And then we still fit in some ice cream and Tim Tams (Adriana Zumbo red velvet flavour, in case anyone is seeking a foodgasm!).


I should really be obese by now. I’m just embracing the fact that any form of healthy eating is out the window for the next 10 days.

How many burgers and desserts is it socially acceptable to eat in a week?

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