My strongwoman documentary

My strongwoman documentary

Remember the documentary I took part in several months ago? It’s finally finished and you can check it out here! They must have taken at least five hours of footage of just me, so I’m impressed that they condensed it so well.

The general theme of last week’s training is that I love weightlifting shoes but hate knee wraps.

Monday – Squat
This was my first time squatting in my new shoes. They felt amazing and I was able to stay much more upright, which has always been a problem of mine. I did five sets of paused squats at 57.5kg (127lbs). I had to squat to below parallel, come up two inches, and then pause. It burned!

Paused squats

I also did 10 sets of single front squats at 47.5kg (105lbs), with one rep every 45 seconds. Easy!

Front squat

My accessory exercises were the same torture as last week. Frog jumps into walking lunges into sprints (as if these weren’t awful enough, I nearly died doing them on the icy road!) and 50 rep sets of calf raises. FML.

Tuesday – Bench
I worked with a narrower grip and a longer pause for bench today. I did four sets of five at 37.5kg (82lbs).

37.5kg bench

Then I benched 60kg (132lbs) for two sets of three! It was with the slingshot, but I never thought I’d see the day when I was benching the big plates 🙂

60kg slingshot

Wednesday – Deadlift
I did 10 singles at 107.5kg (236lbs), every 45 seconds.

107.5kg deadlift

My hands were really hurting for some reason, so three sets of eight stiff leg deficits were not fun at all. Got to love that pre-deadlift shimmy! I had to do heavy dumbbell snatches again, which were just as terrifying as last week.

65kg + chain deficits

On Thursday, my friend and I went to the Harry Potter studios, where the movies were filmed. It was amazing.

4 Privet Drive! #fangirl

4 Privet Drive! #fangirl

Afterwards, we had cupcakes from Selfridges and went to see Wicked. Best day ever.


Saturday – Overhead
I went out on Friday night and didn’t get home until 5am. Thankfully, I didn’t drink so I wasn’t hungover, but I was very tired and it took a lot of effort to just walk to the gym. I worked up to five sets of three with 42.5kg (93lbs) on the log.

42.5kg log press

For my barbell lockouts this week, I did three sets of six at 38.5kg. These are feeling a lot stronger!

Barbell lockouts

Sunday – Long run
I have been slacking on my running lately, so it hurt when a friend of mine convinced me to run for a whole hour. I went home and collapsed with exhaustion afterwards.

I am off to Turkey for a few days so I will be back next week!

Are you a Harry Potter fan?

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