I have to squat what?!

I have to squat what?!

I’m officially less than four weeks out from my first powerlifting meet, and I’m getting very scared! Training this week is ramping up a notch and the numbers are scaring me – tonight I’m due to squat a weight for three reps, when I’ve never even squatted it once before. I’m trying to be as confident as possible and have faith in Alanna’s belief in me! If all else fails, I will bust out some pre-workout and smelling salts 😉

Monday – Squat
Squats went so well! I worked up to 82.5kg (181lbs) for five reps with wraps. They were feeling really good and I’m finding it much easier to stop tilting forward so much (except for that dodgy final rep).

82.5kg squats

I then took the wraps off to squat 62.5kg for eight reps. I nearly failed the first rep, as it is such a strange feeling to squat with wraps and then without. Oops.

This was my fourth training day in a row so I welcomed two days of rest, although I did 25 minutes of sprints on Wednesday. One of my clients brought me a massive slab of steak, so I ate very well all week!


Thursday – Bench
Bench press called for six sets of three at 42.5,kg (93lbs). I can’t believe bench has become my favourite day. I’ve never trained it properly before so I love how quickly I’m progressing.

42.5kg bench

While my bench itself felt easy, my accessory exercises slayed me. I was doing all my presses from the floor with a pause and it was horrible! My triceps are definitely my weakest link.

Friday – Deadlift
What better way to kick off the weekend than with deadlifts and Nandos? I did eight singles every 80 seconds with 116kg (255lbs) on the bar. I had a little panic when I saw that Alanna had written 80% in brackets, as that would mean she’s expecting my one rep max to be 145kg. The good news is it was a typo and was meant to read 85%, but that would still make my 1RM 141kg. Oh okay, then. /vomits

116kg deadlift

I did touch-and-go rack pulls with 125kg (ouch) and some other back exercises. We finished up with a barbell complex and I was rewarded with chicken.


Sunday – Overhead
This was my last overhead workout before my comp, as I’ll be dropping back to just three training sessions a week. It’s probably for the best considering how badly I have sucked the past two weeks. My first three sets at 45kg (100lbs) were horrible, but then the last two felt easy. It was very strange as it usually happens the other way around for me. Of course, I chose to film the set featuring the slowest grinder in history.

45kg log press

After this, I went for a 45 minute run by the Thames. I’m probably going to have to stop running for the next few weeks as I’m very wary of hurting myself right before the comp. I do need to make weight though (I’m currently 2kg above my weight class!) so I need to maintain some lower impact form of cardio.

My "before" picture!

I feel like I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t talk about my weight cutting, so the hell with it. At the moment I’m just watching my overall caloric intake (aiming for 2000-2200 calories a day) and avoiding junk.

Except for this Nutella mugcake my flatmate made me last week... holy crap!

Except for this Nutella mugcake my flatmate made me last week… holy crap!

I’m eating lots of “bro” meals but not going crazy. I have a 24 hour weigh in so I can always water manipulate the last kilo if I need to, without it affecting my strength.

So bro!

So bro!

And I’m still eating things like bread and chocolate on the reg, don’t worry. Yesterday’s breakfast was one of my most-liked pictures on Instagram of all time. I don’t understand people. Haha.



Have you ever been scared by an upcoming week of training?

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