Hard and heavy!

Hard and heavy!

Last week I was freaking out over the weights Alanna had programmed for me, but this coming week is even worse! I’m trying not to psych myself out with the knowledge that I am on track to hit PRs this week, and that I only have two full training weeks to go.

Monday – Squat
Em and I headed to Genesis Gym in Wembley to have a play on their monolift, which I will be using in competition. It was weird getting used to the feeling of not moving your feet after the unrack, but other than that I noticed no difference other than it’s easier to use with wraps on. I’m going to practice one more time today so should hopefully be a pro by comp day.

My first working sets were at 92.5kg (205lbs), which I hit fairly easily. The guy spotting me really threw me off. After I did my first set he pulled a face at my form and raised his eyebrows when I said I was going up to 95kg. Way to destroy my confidence! But looking back at the video, I don’t think my form is bad at all for a sub-maximal weight – and Alanna agrees with me.

92.5kg squats

I managed two reps at 95kg (210lbs). I reckon I could have got the third but he didn’t give me a chance to even try. I was pissed, to say the least. I’ve never squatted 95kg before, let alone for two reps, so I was still very chuffed!

95kg squats

Want to feel like an utter twat? Go to a serious powerlifting gym and do partial squats! I did six sets with 105kg on the bar and wished I had a bag over my head.

Tuesday – Bench
Bench press last week was five sets of two reps at 45kg (100lbs). It’s all still feeling good! But I’m feeling very apprehensive about the weights for the coming week.

45kg bench

Thursday – Deadlift
I wouldn’t say this was a bad session, but it just didn’t feel good. I did six singles (every 90 seconds) with 120kg (265lbs). They just felt a lot slower and heavier than the previous week (116kg).

120kg deadlift

My rack pulls at 132.5kg felt awful and I could only manage three reps when I would have normally hit five. My lower back was rounding and I didn’t want to hurt myself on an accessory exercise, so I didn’t push it.

I’m going to blame this poor training session on a crappy night’s sleep, and try very hard to not let it affect my confidence!

I went for my last run yesterday and won’t do any more cardio in the lead up to the comp, minus a couple of dance classes. Cutting back to three workouts this week meant I had more time to fit in yoga – I did two 45-minute sessions.


Post-run tuna and sweet potato falafel

Post-dancing burrito bowl

Post-dancing burrito bowl

I weighed in at 75.6kg yesterday, so I’m right on track to make weight. I’m actually going to eat a little more on training days this week to make sure my energy levels are maximised.

One thing I do need to work on is sleep. Last week, I didn’t get to bed until 1-2am on five out of seven days. It’s a terrible habit I’ve slipped into and I need to stop doing it, for the next few weeks at least.

And a random selfie to prove that I’m not minging all the time!

fri selfie

I’m off to Birmingham today to train at the gym where my comp is being held. I’m not going to jinx myself by stating what I will be squatting, but expect a significant squat PR in next week’s training recap 😉

Has a spotter ever knocked your confidence?

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