Freaking the eff out

Freaking the eff out

I am competing this Sunday!!! I finished all of my training last week and now all that’s left to do is sit around and get anxious. Last night Alanna sent me the attempts she wants me to make and it’s made me feel ill. Seriously, I’ve wanted to be sick all morning.

I have a total I would like to achieve in mind, but I’m not going to jinx myself by stating it here. I’m going to have to get all nine of my lifts to achieve it… while Laurence and Andy are watching. No pressure!!

My workouts were undeniably hard last week, but I made all my lifts. I was doing very low volume – three sets of the main lifts and then just one or two accessory exercises. I actually had “stretch for 20 minutes” written into my programming each day!

Last week gave me a lot of confidence though (well, except for my deadlift!) – almost too much as my openers now seem too low. However, I will do exactly as Alanna has instructed, as I trust her 100 per cent and everything she has done so far has worked.


Monday – Squat
For the third week running, I hit another PR! This time I squatted 102.5kg (225lbs). This week I had to run through all my sets using the proper commands. It figures I did them all correctly except during the final set, where I botched the “rack” command because I was so excited about hitting a PR. I mustn’t do that on the day!

102.5kg squat

Tuesday – Bench
It was my birthday on Tuesday so I knew I had to set a birthday PR. I did: 52.5kg (115lbs).

52.5kg bench

I am the most worried about benching, to be honest. Not only is it my weakest lift, but I find my strength so variable not just week to week but also from set to set: if just one little thing is off on my set-up, I’m thrown off. I thought I was going to fail this set at 50kg, which is why I messed up the press command and totally deserved that telling off from Em!

50kg bench

I also benched 65kg for one single with the slingshot, but couldn’t do it again. Boo!

65kg slingshot

Afterwards we had Nandos. We both have to make weight so burgers and fries were sadly out.


Lest anyone think I’m getting soft, I did have cake – cutting weight won’t stop me from eating birthday cake!



Em gave me awesome presents – as always – including a minion breakfast set, a much-needed gym shirt that says “Don’t touch me” and a pink set of tools to go with the pink DIY book she bought me for Christmas (inside joke)!

ems presents

Thursday – Deadlift
My deadlifts were hideous. I worked up to the ugliest 130kg (285lbs) ever seen. I’m not even going to post it because that ugliness should be saved for the platform, so here’s a nice and easy 117.5kg instead.

117.5kg deadlift

…and an uglier 127.5kg.

I think the look on my face at the end says it all: oh shit! My legs have never shaken like that before while deadlifting, so that was fun.

It felt very weird to finish my last session on Thursday with the knowledge that I wouldn’t be lifting a thing until my competition 10 days later. In the week before a strongwoman comp, I typically do three sessions at around 50 per cent, so I’m not used to all this rest!

Bro life!

Bro life!

I am in the midst of weight cutting fun. I weighed exactly 75kg this morning, so I’m hoping to drop another 1-1.5kg by Saturday morning. I won’t be able to weigh in for about 4-5 hours after waking, so I want to allow myself a little bit of wiggle room so I can have a sip of water, as well as account for any potential discrepancies between their scales and mine, and the weight of my underwear! This weight cut has been so easy I am actually starting to think my scales might be broken. Ha.

I’ve still been eating plenty of delicious foods, such as my first batch of Paleo pancakes (one banana mashed with two eggs, topped with bacon and honey).


On Saturday night, I went to a fancy screening of Fifty Shades of Grey. Before anyone curses me for being anti-feminist, I had free (£85!) tickets and was mainly there for the three course meal. Despite having champagne and seven desserts (!), I woke up lighter on Sunday. Yes, I am at the fun pre-comp stage of having to weigh myself every day.


On Valentine’s Day, we wear red!


That didn’t stop me from having one last non-bro meal at The Breakfast Club on Sunday. They are hosting a pancake challenge on Tuesday (if you can eat 12 pancakes in 12 minutes, you get them for free!) but sadly I won’t be able to break my diet.


This week won’t be very fun as I’m limiting myself to 30-40 grams of carbs a day. I’m not planning on water loading (thank God!!!) but I will drink a couple of extra litres on Thursday and Friday to flush my system out. We will have almost a full 24 hours to eat between weighing in and competing so I’m not worried about my strength being negatively affected.

My food shop for this week was the saddest thing ever. At least I saved a fortune on food this week!


This week I have declined all social invitations. Instead I will be diligently foam rolling and stretching, and in bed by 10.30pm every night. And chewing on spinach leaves.

Have you ever lost weight easier than expected?

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