Life without lifting

Life without lifting

This has been the longest week of my life. I’ve never spent so much time inside my flat! I’m usually not home until at least 8pm each night, but this week I’ve been twiddling my thumbs from 4 or 5pm each day when I get home. Having 10 consecutive rest days has almost been too restful.

I leave for Birmingham bright and early tomorrow. Em and I should weigh in around 11am and then we will embark on a mission to eat ALL the food. There will be burgers, cakes, bread and whatever other carby goodness I can get my hands on.

My weight is right on track. I was 74.2kg this morning and I’m doing a mini water load today to be on the safe side. I won’t be able to eat or drink anything tomorrow until after I weigh in (which, frankly, is going to be hell considering I have a long train journey to get through first), so I’m enjoying this feeling of extreme hydration while I still can.

Although I have a lot of free time to blog, I’m hesitant to even attempt to write a coherent post right now on account of the fact my head feels like it’s swimming, so let’s instead talk about five things I’ve been doing this week!

1. Dreaming about food
This week has been horrendous! I have been eating less than 50 grams of carbs a day since Monday, and limiting my total caloric intake pretty severely (around 1500 Mon-Wed, and 1200 Thurs-Fri). For the first three days, I was just hangry. Yesterday, the exhaustion hit and I was struggling to walk around. I seriously have no idea how I survived on 1200 calories for so long.


To give you an example of my exciting food plan, today I had boiled eggs for breakfast, chicken breast and asparagus for lunch, and yep, you guessed it, chicken and asparagus for dinner. I’m also having a tablespoon of olive oil and two tablespoons of nut butter a day to ensure I don’t keel over. I had a Quest bar on Wednesday and it was all far too exciting, especially because it was on a minion plate!


The only thing keeping me going is thinking about all the food I’m going to consume tomorrow, and these monsters Em and I are going to make on Monday.




2. Freaking out
I honestly don’t know why, but I haven’t felt this nervous about a competition since my first strongwoman comp. I am supposed to be doing this for fun but I am stupidly anxious. I woke up in tears on Tuesday night because I had a nightmare that I’d failed my opening squat and proceeded to sit under the stairs crying for the entire duration of the competition, thereby missing all my attempts. I need a slap!

I was also freaking out about my first and second attempts being too low and therefore placing too much pressure on my third lifts. I know I should just shut the F up and trust my coach – it’s not like she’s done anything wrong thus far! – but I first had to ask someone whose opinion I value very highly. He, of course, confirmed all of Alanna’s instructions, which has helped me relax (kinda).

3. Doing yoga and relaxing
I actually managed to do 30-60 minutes of yoga every single night this week. I’m so proud of myself! I won’t do it tonight as I need to conserve every ounce of energy I have. When I’m not on the mat, I’m lying around on my couch or bed. To say I feel utterly relaxed is an understatement!

I also had a massage in the comfort of my own home on Wednesday. It was sheer bliss!


I have slept like a baby every night this week. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had nine hours sleep (probably in June last year?) but I have done so the past three nights. I don’t know if it’s an overall lack of energy or the fact that I’m not training at night which is making me so sleepy, but I’m rolling with it considering I was only sleeping three or four hours a night in the lead up to my last competition.

4. Reading
I have read for at least three hours a day, which feels like a luxury! I finally finished the third book in the Millennium trilogy, which I have been reading on and off for about a year now (the trilogy, not the book!). It wasn’t as good as the previous two novels and it kind of left me wanting more.


The best line in the book: “Salander gave him a long look, satisfied herself that he was an idiot, and decided that she would not waste too many seconds concerning herself with his existence.” Haha! Story of my life right there.

I devoured American Psycho in a few days, not because I thought it was particularly good, but just because I wanted to get the experience over with. The gore didn’t bother me at all (although I did suffer through one particularly memorable tube journey where my mouth hung open for a good 10 minutes) but I hated the repetitive writing style, the general representation of women and the ending.

After those two, I needed to read something I knew I would enjoy, so I turned to an old favourite of mine: In Cold Blood by Truman Capote. This book had a huge impact on me as a journalist when I first read it. It’s obvious I have no life at the moment as I’m already three-quarters of the way through!

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5. Booking flights
I was thinking about going to Australia for another holiday later this year but then I suddenly had a very good reason to go in April (oooh. vague blogging!). It’s a bit of a crazy thing to do, but all the signs were telling me to go and the last time I ignored my gut feeling, I regretted it immensely. So, in the spirit of ‘you only live once’ and all that jazz, I’m off in just less than seven weeks. I will be in Sydney for one week and Perth for two – if anyone reading wants to meet up, drop me a line!


Get me to the beach!


That’s it from me! I’ll be back on Monday with a full competition recap… provided I don’t spend the whole time crying under the stairs, that is 😉

What do you do during rest weeks? What good books have you read lately?


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