The bro life

The bro life

After a week of complete rest post-competition, I was back in the gym last Monday. But I would be hesitant to call what I did “training” as I wasn’t allowed to do any of the main lifts. Instead, I was banished to wrist curls, bicep curl drop sets and plenty of crunches, among other bro-tastic exercises. I swear Alanna was partly trolling me, although I wouldn’t blame her given I wasn’t supposed to be in the gym at all (she wanted me to take two complete weeks of rest).

I did a fair bit of cardio (two days of sprints and two 5K runs) as I had a lot of extra energy to burn. I suffered crazy DOMS from all the isolation work. I worked my triceps on Tuesday and was still having difficulty lifting my arms yesterday. But it gave me lots of good opportunities to flex!


I also laughed when I saw 3 sets of 15-20 close-grip push-ups and 3 sets of 5 unassisted chin-ups in my program. I admire her faith in me, but both of those things are impossible. It was the first time I’d done push-ups in more than two years (I’ve avoided them because of my eye) and I couldn’t even do three sets of five chin-ups in my hey-day.

Tonight I will finally be doing something productive and squatting – it will be the first time I’ve touched a barbell in my gym since the 12th of February. How insane is that?! Let’s see if I can even remember how to squat…



At least I finally got to wear my new gym shirt, which may be my favourite ever. I’m not allowed to wear contact lenses for at least two more weeks as my eye is still swollen. Boo.

Seeing as I was training like a bro, it seemed fitting to eat like one too.

I train like a bro, so might as well eat like one too

I had plenty of chicken and veggies, but also delicious salmon with a blueberry and balsamic glaze (recipe here).


I had steak but was feeling disappointed by how much of a bro I had become, so topped it with blue cheese.


On the weekend, I had a serious craving for pizza so I made my own with pita bread, chicken, blue cheese, bacon, pepper, tomatoes, red onion and mushrooms. Two pizzas were sandwiched in between napping and studying French in bed. I love my life.


Dessert was Haagen Dazs, and I felt sufficiently de-brosified. I hadn’t had that much dairy in two months so my stomach hated me but it was worth it.


On Sunday, I went to a museum and then did some shopping. I stopped in Lulu, of course. I needed new black Wunder Unders and impressed myself by not buying anything else. I also went to Harrods and didn’t buy anything expensive, so I deserve two pats on the back!


Finally, I would just like to take a moment to acknowledge how awesome my coach is. As you may know, the Arnold was held on the weekend. A few of my UK-based strongwoman friends went over to compete and I watched from afar with extreme jealousy.



Alanna performed exceptionally, as always, and took home the middleweight title for the third time. She smashed her own world record, log pressing 215lbs (97.7kg). That is absolutely madness. I’m very proud to call her my coach!

I promise things will be a little more exciting next week. Tell me about the most delicious thing you ate last week!

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