I just want to lift!

I just want to lift!

I was all excited to get back into the gym last week, but I was still banned from any of the big three lifts. I swear Alanna is trying to torture me! Thank god everything is finally back to normal and I will actually be able to squat tonight. And I get to deadlift twice this week – my patience is being rewarded!

On Monday, I did front squats and banded speed squats. It felt as though my body had completely forgotten how to squat and three sets of six reps at 60kg (132lbs) felt incredibly hard! My hips were really tight (probably from sitting on my arse so much over the past few weeks!) so I was folding forward a lot.

Oh, and squatting in glasses is not fun at all. I prefer to look up but it’s all blurry when I do. Hopefully I will be cleared to wear contacts again later this week.

60kg front squats

I also got to play with the log for the first time in eight weeks, so that was awesome. I was surprised I could do 38.5kg (85lbs) from the rack given how weak I felt.

Log press

Afterwards I made a deconstructed burger with cheese, bacon and sweet potato. Om.


On Tuesday, I was banished to bench pressing from the bottom up, which is better than nothing!

38.5kg rack press

I also had to incline bench, which I am pathetic at. Alanna then had me superset dips and close grip push ups. Wow. My triceps are incredibly weak and my arms kept giving out completely!

Incline bench press

On Thursday I watched longingly as Em deadlifted. I did a 30 minute bro workout involving pull ups and a lot of curls for the girls. I finished off with some sprints. I’m getting leaner, yay!


On Friday, I did barbell lunges, power cleans and some overhead pressing. My body went into complete shock from those lunges and I still have DOMS today! Before I had even started my workout, I bashed my hand just below my thumb as I was moving a bench. I broke a blood vessel and my whole forearm turned red. It was kinda cool! Haha


On Saturday, I went out dancing with a friend and was pouting about the fact I had to wear glasses. So I wore the most distracting outfit possible. You may remember this dress from when I bought it five months ago – I figured this was a good time to make its debut!



I drank too much (very unusual for me!) and my feet felt like I’d walked through a field of broken glass, so my grand plans of running on Sunday fell by the wayside. I managed to sleep for 4.5 hours and then I met a friend for brunch. Greasy food was exactly what I needed!


Afterwards, I spent the whole afternoon in bed. I ate a half-pound peanut butter cup and generally slothed about. I even took a nap!


Because I hadn’t eaten enough carbs and fat, I then had pizza for dinner. It was just one of those days!


Here’s to squats and deadlifts tonight!

When was the last time you had a lazy day in bed?

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