Squat, deadlifts and all the meat

Squat, deadlifts and all the meat

After weeks of whingeing, I will finally shut up now as I am back in the gym and lifting proper weights! I’ve been crawling up the walls waiting to squat and deadlift so, even though it hurt a lot, I am a much happier woman today. I have still yet to bench properly but we’ll see if that changes this week…

On Monday, I finally got to squat. Well, kind of. I did safety bar box squats, which are still my least favourite exercise ever.

Safety bar box squats

I followed that up with “speed” squats with 62.5kg (138lbs) plus band resistance.

Speed squats

I finished up the workout with some light sumo deadlifts. Even though I was only lifting 80kg, I definitely felt these the next day!

On Tuesday, I did all the pressing: floor pressing, board pressing, and incline pressing. No videos as there was nothing particularly exciting to see, and Em had deserted me as it was her birthday.

We celebrated on Thursday instead! First up was deadlifts. My weight for this week was ridiculously easy at 88.5kg (195lbs). I thought I might have injured myself as my back was a bit twingy but it was thankfully a false alarm. And I was finally cleared to wear contact lenses again – thank the lord!

88.5kg deadlifts

After the gym, I took Em on a surprise birthday adventure! First up, we went to Pitt Cue in Soho. Several people have recommended this place to me so I was excited to finally try it.

For starters, we shared grilled sourdough, potato cakes and caramel ribs. They were soooo good.



pitt cue3

We both had pulled pork for our mains. Mine came with the most decadently rich bone marrow mash, which is possibly the best mash I’ve ever eaten!


They had run out of the dessert on the menu (rhubarb and vanilla cheesecake doughnuts, nooooo!) so we were forced to have Maltesers and ice cream at our second stop… Matilda!

Em and I had been talking about seeing this show forever, so I figured I should surprise her! It was very good and the young girl who played Matilda was amazing.

After I woke up with a meat hangover on Friday, I headed down to the gym. On the agenda were power cleans and log pressing with 38.5kg (85lbs), and some accessory exercises. Sorry about the terrible camera angle – it’s impossible filming myself on these platforms!

Log press

I spent the weekend running around, trying to organise my life before I head to Australia in two weeks. My appetite was out of control both days! I did super productive things like clean out my closet, go through all my paperwork, and sort through my dreaded “ex box”.

Cleaning out my closet obviously involves taking selfies

Cleaning out my closet obviously involves taking selfies

I was also super proud of myself for fixing my shutters and drawers. I used a step ladder and everything! #dontneednoman hahaha!

The next two weeks are going to be crazy. My to-do list is as long as my arm but I am incredibly excited about finally having a proper holiday. I can’t believe I only have 10 weeks until my next competition!

What would be your ideal birthday surprise? (I personally can’t think of anything better than meat on meat!) Are you handy with a screwdriver?

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