My last week with Alanna

My last week with Alanna

Last week was my final week training with Alanna. I enjoyed her programs and definitely became a lot stronger because of her coaching, but I have a few big life changes coming up (vague blogging!) so it made sense to take a break for now. I’m not sure how much I will be able to train over the next month, but I will be visiting the awesome gym I trained at last time I was in Perth.

I’m going to do my own programming again in the lead up to the England’s Strongest Woman qualifier on June 7. I will likely seek some coaching once again leading up to the ESW final (assuming, of course, I qualify!) and the British powerlifting finals in November.

Last week, I tried cambered bar squats for the first time. I really liked them, even with a pause out of the hole. I’m clearly a masochist. I will probably keep these in my routine for a while, as I find they really help my problems with staying upright.

65kg (143lbs) cambered bar squats

I followed those up with some light front squats, sumo deadlifts and plyos.

52.5kg (116lbs) front squats

I wasn’t allowed to bench again last week (this will soon change, haha!) but I did incline benching and floor pressing instead.

35kg (77lbs) incline bench

On Thursday, Em bailed on me for deadlifts. But we still met for lunch beforehand, which was so ridiculously healthy that we had to have Nutella-stuffed cookies afterwards (they are just from Starbucks peeps – get on it!). I ran around like a headless chicken all day, so I must have burnt enough calories to eat 50 of these cookies!

Reposting this because OM

Reposting this because OM

Deadlifts were six easy sets at 95kg (210lbs).

95kg deadlifts

I then did some grip exercises for the first time since September. Ouch. My forearms and hands were not happy with me at all. Recently I’ve been taking proper care of my hands – filing down my callouses and moisturising, like a good girl! – but that was all ruined within one session of axle bar and dumbbell pick-ups. My hands are gnarly once again.

On Friday, I did some log pressing, shoulder accessory work and a barbell complex for “fun”. My hands were seriously cramping and I could barely hold on to the bar. I don’t know if it was because of my grip work the previous day, or if I’m just getting old. The last thing I need is arthritis at the ripe old age of 26.

41kg (90lbs) log press

I made myself feel better with steak. Meat cures everything.


Lululemon in Covent Garden was having a massive sale to celebrate their first birthday, so I may have accidentally bought a couple of things – the tights below and a different top. And no, my hair is not wet, that is the by-product of a sweaty Beyonce dance class.


I had a hilarious lunch at Itsu on Saturday. My friends and I literally scared people away because of the conversations we were having. This is what happens when you hang out with a bunch of gay men. I really need to start that anonymous blog…


Coconut chicken and cashew wrap as part of their new menu – om!


On Sunday, I spent all afternoon playing dress-up while cleaning out my closet. I have officially finished packing for Australia, with nine days to spare. Have I mentioned that I’m super duper excited?!

I have about 10,000 dresses

I have about 10,000 dresses

Finally, it’s time to announce the lucky winners of my giveaway. Congratulations to Gabrielle, Lindsay, and Sarah! I have emailed you all now for your mailing info.

When was the last time you played dress-up? Have you ever tried cambered bar squats?

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